Why “Doctor Who” fans Will Probably Wait quite a Long Time before Nkuti Gatwa’s First adventures as the new Doctor


The end of another Doctor Who era is approaching. Later this year, Jodie Whittaker will appear for the last time as the Thirteenth Doctor, and in early May it was announced that the star of “Sex Education” Nkuti Gatwa will become a Time Lord. However, it looks like Doctor Who fans will be waiting quite a while before Dr. Gatwa starts getting involved in shaky, timely shenanigans.

According to THR, Nkuti Gatwa is expected to start filming the next season of Doctor Who this November. Due to this filming date and a special edition dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who, which is due to air in 2023 (more on this later), the publication assumes that this means the next regular season of Doctor Who, that is, the first in which the Doctor from Gatva leads the series. free of charge, will not be aired until the beginning of 2024. Ahead of work on Doctor Who, Gatwa will play Eric Effiong in the fourth season of Sex Education; The previous three seasons can be streamed on a Netflix subscription.

While the last full season of Doctor Who, also known as Doctor Who: The Stream, aired from October to December 2021, this year Jodie Whittaker and her companions, Yasmin Khan from Mandeep Gill and Dan Lewis from John Bishop, starred in a special edition of “The Day Before the Daleks” and “The Legend of the Sea Devils”. The third special, whose release date has not yet been set, brings back familiar faces such as Sasha Davan’s Master, Gemma Redgrave’s Kate Stewart, Janet Fielding’s Tegan Giovanka and Ace Sophie Aldred, the latter two were partners during the classic Doctor Who. years. Thus, this leaves us covered until the end of 2022, and the debut of Nkuti Gatwa in Doctor Who is not expected until 2024, but as already mentioned, this popular property will not leave us empty-handed in 2023.

For the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who, the series brings back David Tennant and Catherine Tate. This will be Tennant’s first appearance on the Doctor Who screen since the Doctor’s Day 50th anniversary special, and Tate last appeared as Donna Noble in The End of Time more than a decade ago. In this special (there are different reports on whether it will be one episode or three) Bernard Cribbins, who passed away at the end of July, reprises Donna’s grandfather Wilfred Mott, Yasmin Finney appears as a character named Rose and Neil Patrick Harris. playing the greatest enemy the Doctor has ever faced,” according to showrunner Russell T. Davis. What has not yet been officially clarified is whether we will witness an unseen adventure from the time of the 10th Doctor, or whether the Thirteenth Doctor can regenerate into the familiar form of Tennant; the Tenth Doctor 2.0, if you like.

If the latter, then we will probably see Dr. Nkuti Gatwa for the first time before the end of 2023, as we will see the Tenth Doctor 2.0 reborn into a new form by the end of the 60th anniversary events. Technically speaking, this means that Tennant’s new Doctor will be the Fourteenth Doctor, making Gatwa’s Doctor the Fifteenth Doctor. In any case, those of you who are looking forward to seeing the Doctor from Gatva travel through time and space in the TARDIS will have a long wait, but keep your fingers crossed that he will not be lost next year.

Whenever Nkuti Gatwa’s tenure in Doctor Who officially begins, you’ll be able to watch these stories on BBC America. Along with “Sex Education”, Nkuti Gatwa will play the main role in the film “Barbie”, which will be released next year, and, according to co-star Simu Liu, Gatwa kept the casting of his “Doctor Who” secret from other participants of this production for two months.


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