Why Do Welcome To Plathville Fans Think Moriah Is Too Focused On Her Appearance


Moriah Plath is known for her attention-grabbing style, and fans of “Welcome to Plattville” believe that she has become too obsessed with her appearance. She is known as the rebellious child of Plath, and she certainly dresses appropriately. Although Moria always uses music to convey her feelings, her fashion is also a way for her to express herself.

Moriya is Plath’s second oldest daughter and often felt like a stranger in her family, while her sisters Hosanna and Lydia Plath are perceived as ideal daughters in “Welcome to Plattville”. Her appearance has always been an important part of restoring her freedom, as she wore bright makeup and brighter clothes than her siblings so that she could stand out. Hosanna and Lydia, who were also quite happy with life on their big farm in Georgia, always dressed more conservatively, like their mother.

After Moria was kicked out of the family home as a teenager for rebelling against her parents, fans saw how she became more confident and began to dress the way she wanted. Some fans of “Welcome to Platteville” think she’s over-compensating for her adult life, as she had to suppress her style when he was a child under her parents’ roof. Moriah started getting tattoos, starting with a tattoo with the inscription “Black Heart”, and then with a large tattoo with a red rose, which Kim initially disapproved of.

Moria also changed her blonde hair to pink, purple and two-tone hair color, which divided the fans of “Welcome to Platteville”. She also started wearing even more revealing clothes, such as dresses with cutouts on both sides of the leg and daring all-black ensembles. Her dark makeup, combined with her choice of clothes and videos of dancing on the Moriah pole, which she posted on Instagram, are disturbing some fans. While some say it’s fans who spend too much time talking about Moria’s appearance, others think she’s too focused on herself and her style.

Moriah may seem vain in the series, as she pays a lot of attention to how she looks compared to the rest of the actors. Fans of “Welcome to Plattville” called Moria lazy after Ethan and Olivia Platt, who live with her, said that she never helps around the house. No matter what the fans say, Moria has always used her style as a means of self-expression, making her clothes very important to her and her growth. Fans are happy to see what other amazing outfits she has prepared for season 4 of “Welcome to Platteville”.