Why do some scooters burn out?


Scooters, which in recent years have been one of the preferred ways of moving people, have now become part of our lives with new brands. These tools, which allow us to move quickly from one place to another, can catch fire because of their batteries, although this rarely happens. So what is the reason for this?

With formations that arose before the pandemic period, there was a serious increase in the use of scooters. Now people are starting to consider a scooter as a good means of transportation for short distances.

To this end, many companies have provided the end user with an alternative means of transportation with various types of scooters. Now this new mode of transport, very advantageous for short distances, can be seen everywhere.

Scooters, which tend to be a very safe means of transportation (if you don’t lose your balance), don’t burn out so easily.

Due to the presence of security systems in it, the scooter is a very safe means of transportation. Although very rare, in some cases chemical problems in the battery lead to the ignition of scooters.

When we look at the experienced cases of gorenje, it seems that scooters burned down due to a phenomenon known as “heat leakage”. So what is this thermal overclocking?

We all notice that part of the lid heats up when we spend long hours on the phone or playing games. The cover may heat up even while the phone is charging. We can say that the reason for this is the chemical reactions occurring in the battery.

Almost most of the electronic devices we use are powered by lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are considered the best battery technology and therefore stand out as the best battery solution for devices. These batteries are preferred because they have a high energy density. But its biggest advantages are also its biggest disadvantages.

Overcrowding is the biggest risk!

When a battery cell is charged, it causes a reaction because it absorbs heat. This reaction also releases heat from the battery. As an example of this heat, we can say that the phone heats up during its use. If this heat is not discharged from the system (battery) properly, it may damage other batteries and thus cause the system to explode/catch fire.

Proper heat dissipation and good physical insulation of the battery are required to prevent this phenomenon. Scooter companies, especially brands that people use on a daily basis, should not worry about these safety measures.

To protect the scooter you personally bought, you can get third-party information and apply the recommended security measures.


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