Why do RHOBH Fans Have More Questions About Dorit’s Home Invasion Story


In season 12 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Dorit Kemsley is recovering from a traumatic home invasion, but fans have unresolved questions. The robbery occurred at the beginning of filming when Dorit’s husband, Paul “P.K.” Kemsley, was out of town in London. Dorit and her two children had just returned from Europe ahead of P.K. when two men entered her house. While Dorit’s children were unaware of the incident, Dorit told Kyle Richards, Erica Jane, Garcel Beauvais and Lisa Rinne about the dramatic event when she was held at gunpoint and begged for their lives. However, this is not the first time RHOBH fans have questioned Dorit’s motives.

Still in shock, Dorit told the story again to the cameras and Kyle’s husband, Mauricio Umanski. Fortunately, she has placed her children in their rooms, although they usually sleep with her when P.K. is out of town. Then, when she was ready to go to bed, a man entered her bedroom, clearly surprised by her appearance, accused her and told her to “stay on the damn ground,” while she then asked them not to let her children see her like this. She said: “I thought that was it. I’m going to die” and “I imagined them killing me and then killing my children.”

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As anxiety haunted Dorit throughout season 12 of RHOBH, she actively sought therapy, and the honesty of her injury seemed unquestionable. However, the RHOBH audience still has doubts. The reality TV guru shared on Instagram a screenshot from a surveillance camera showing one of the men coming out of the Dorit gate, writing: “Remember how Dorit said she was robbed by three blacks and two whites… the path that was covered up. ” Some fans in the comments subscribed to this assessment, while others argued that the gloomy footage does not reveal the race of the robbers. Sparksy tweeted, “Chili, I’ve been screaming about this since the series aired, like ma’am, it’s clearly yt pipo.”

BigSistaGorgeous1 added: “I believed her, all of you, and I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt because I’m sure it was very dark and these vandals may have wanted or could not convince her that they were black. Long exhalation……. Do you all think she’s lying all the way through? Dorit is NOT such a good actress…”┬áThis is a fair argument that Dorit, who was changed after the robbery, is not a great actress, and she really looked traumatized. Anthony Karl agreed, saying, “That’s not true, I’m black and everything is clear as day.”

Other Twitter users came up with alternative ideas, questioning the incident. Samantha said: “I have a theory that it was Erica’s two little minions that she keeps with her. Erica shows complacency whenever they talk about it, which annoys me.” However, she went on to say that it was just a theory: “But can you imagine?!” Others wondered if P.K. could have hired someone to rob his family for insurance money after their own financial difficulties in recent years. One of the funniest suggestions came from Emily, who asked: “Has anyone questioned Boy George yet?” who is a close friend of Dorit and Pikey’s family.

In general, this kind of speculation is expected when such a dramatic incident airs so publicly. The questions also relate to Dorit’s earlier criticism and her comments about race and her family’s financial problems. However, judging by the discussions, none of the questions provides enough evidence to completely refute Dorit’s narrative. The 12th season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, of course, does not end with this storyline.