Why do little people, fans of the big World think that Zach & Tori didn’t deserve a farm


Zach Roloff and his wife Tori Roloff were at odds with Matt Roloff because they were not given a family farm in the 23rd season of the TV series “Little People, Big World”, but many viewers believe that they do not deserve the Roloff Farm for several reasons. Zack and Tori started dating in 2010, and Tori was first introduced on LPBW as Zack’s girlfriend in season 10. They later got married in 2015 in a special episode of season 14 of LPBW.

Matt’s decision to sell Roloff Farms after 30 years of ownership became the central storyline of the 23rd season of LPBW. Zach made it clear that he wanted to own the farm for years to come, but Matt eventually decided to put part of the farm up for sale for $4 million. Since then, Zach, Matt and Tori’s relationship has become strained, as Zach has publicly accused his father of manipulation. Tensions in the family did not decrease after Zach and Tori moved to Battle Ground, Washington, at the end of 202.

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Zach and Tori took Matt’s decision regarding the Roloff farms hard, which was documented in detail in season 23 of LPBW. Although the couple (and Zack in particular) are almost desperate to take over the land, viewers aren’t convinced they deserve it. the famous pumpkin patch. Below are some reasons why Reddit fans agree that Zack and Tori don’t deserve to own a farm.

Zack and Tori mistreat Amy

One of the reasons LPBW fans think Zach and Tori don’t deserve the Roloff Farm is how they treat Zach’s mother and Matt’s ex-wife, Amy Roloff. Amy, who divorced Matt in 2016 after almost 30 years of marriage, remarried Chris Marek in 2021. Although Amy has always been a devoted mom to her kids, some Redditors can’t get past the way Zach and Tori treat Amy. “I’m reviewing season 20, and Zach and Tori not only support Matt’s position on pushing Amy away from the farm… but also react terribly to her engagement,” said the first Reddit user. Many agreed with this assessment, including another person who stressed: “Zach and Tori treated Amy terribly and kissed Matt and Karen when they thought it would do them good.”

Zack and Tori have the right to the farm

Viewers tuning in to the latest seasons of LPBW have long considered Zack and Tori manipulators and rights holders. Many expressed their reaction to the fact that the farm will not be sold in season 23, despite the fact that Matt is not obliged to accept their negotiations. In addition, fans of the series believe that Zach and Tori are trying to manipulate Matt with his grandchildren, in particular with 5-year-old Jackson. “It opens my eyes to how Zack and Tori perceive and expect,” one Reddit user stated, while another user defended Matt’s position despite the criticism that viewers are making against him, commenting: “People always point the finger at Matt and his farm [but] it’s a business. Either you take a step forward, or you are looking for another way in life.”

Zack and Tori have no skills or experience

One of the main reasons fans don’t trust that Zack and Tori are acquiring Roloff Farms is that they don’t seem to have the necessary skills or experience to manage them. Despite growing up on a farm, Zack has barely been seen tending the land in over 20 seasons of LPBW. Similarly, Tori was a kindergarten teacher before starting a family with Zach, and, at least throughout LPBW, showed no interest in growing pumpkins. “[Zack and Tori] have very little real experience,” one Reddit user commented, while several others criticized the duo’s lack of work ethic. While Zack and Tori seem to think they deserve to own Roloff Farms, LPBW viewers believe otherwise.