Why do little people and fans of the big world think that the wedding trip with gifts was staged


Amy Roloff and Chris Marek recently vacationed with Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler in the movie “Little People, Big World”, and viewers are convinced that their joint scenes were created for ratings. The 23rd season of LPBW, which began airing in May, has been full of drama and conflict since the first episode. The strained relationship between Matt and his son Zach Roloff due to Matt selling Roloff farms was the focus of the season, as well as Zach and his wife. Tori moves with her family to Battle Ground, Washington.

Although Amy and Matt’s divorce was finalized in 2016, after almost 30 years of marriage, both former partners left with new partners. Amy and Chris got married in 2021, and Matt and Caryn’s relationship has been controversial since 2017. In the last episode of the 23rd season of LPBW, Matt and Caryn gave Amy and Chris plane tickets to visit them in Arizona. The four of them stayed at Matt and Karen’s house and then went on a jeep tour of Sedona.

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While the audience enjoyed looking at the natural beauty of Arizona, the ride itself did not appeal to the audience. In fact, many LPBW fans on Reddit believe that the time spent together by Amy, Chris, Matt and Caryn was not real. Here are a few reasons why online fans believe that Matt and Karen’s wedding gift and their subsequent vacation with Amy and Chris were made up as a fake storyline.

Amy is uncomfortable around Matt and Karen

Amy and Matt’s divorce was stormy and complicated, especially after Matt quickly left Karen. Although they claim their relationship began in 2017, Caryn’s long history of working at Roloff Farms contributed to long-standing rumors that Matt cheated on Amy with Caryn. Although Amy reluctantly agreed, at Chris’ insistence, to visit Matt and Karen in Arizona, LPBW fans immediately noted that Amy was not only uncomfortable around Matt and Karen, but clearly did not want to be there. Several users noted that Amy refused to sit next to Matt during the jeep tour and hardly smiled in any of their shared scenes.

Matt and Chris’ friendship seems forced

While many LPBW fans agree that Chris is a really good person, Reddit users tuning in to the last episode of season 23 think Chris and Matt are imposing their friendship to make their scenes seem more authentic. Some viewers believe that Chris is trying to play the role of peacemaker between the four, dragging Matt and joking with him, trying to please the producers. “I totally believe that Chris, who behaves with enthusiasm [so in the original], is just Chris, who takes someone for the team,” one person wrote, while another user suggested: “I bet they only hang out during active filming, and otherwise, they keep their distance. There is a storyline of Amy as an abandoned ex-wife and Chris as Matt’s best friend.”

Amy and Chris can afford tickets

LPBW fans find it strange that the longtime couple gave Amy and Chris a wedding present at all, since Matt and Caryn were not invited to the wedding. However, fans are particularly confused as to why Matt and Caryn decided that plane tickets for their visit would be enough, especially considering that Amy and Chris have never mentioned wanting to visit them before. Since Amy and Chris can afford tickets and vacations, Reddit users believe that LPBW producers paid for the band’s time in Arizona. “They’re not vacationing together unless TLC picks up the costs,” one user stated, while others pointed out that Matt had previously admitted he still owed Amy “a bunch of money.” Amy, Matt, Chris and Caryn may want LPBW fans to believe that these four are on good terms, but their trip to Arizona proved otherwise.