Why do little people and fans of the big world think Audrey’s game is weak


Audrey Roloff from Little People, Big World gets a lot of hate online, and she was recently called out for being a terrible influencer on social media. The redhead has not seemed attractive for many years, mainly because of her sanctity. Now TLC fans are tearing her influencer career apart.

Audrey married into the Roloff family, saying yes to Jeremy Roloff. The pair have not appeared on the show since 2018 after it was revealed that they were tired of the cameras. Audrey was introduced to TLC viewers in the 13th season of the series “Little People, Big World” after getting engaged to the eldest son of Matt and Amy Roloff. After getting married in 2014 at the Roloff family farm in Oregon, Audrey and Jeremy moved to Bend, Oregon. Despite the fact that Audrey is no longer starring in the TV series “Little People, big World”, she is constantly updating information about her subscribers on social networks.

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Despite the fact that Audrey publishes a significant amount of content on the Internet, this does not mean that she is the best influencer. In fact, fans of “Little People, Big World” believe that she needs to step up her game after a recent post that made fans question her ability to influence. Haters took to Reddit to share their disdain for Audrey’s many prerecorded Instagram posts, with one of the participants in the thread noting that she always looks “crazy” in her videos. The post in question shows how the formerĀ Little People, the star of the Big World tried to sell drops of vitality, but in the end, subscribers were so turned away by her facial expression that all they could do was mock her.

Followers of Little People, Big World joked that she’s always mad at @Gossipgirl515, adding that she and Jeremy had one of their “morning power fights.” There was another video of her kneading sourdough dough, and Audrey also looked annoyed. Fans noted that Audrey has only three facial expressions: annoyance, a “fake Joker smile” and a smug look when she doesn’t show her teeth. Negative responses are not surprising, since TLC subscribers often call Audrey a bad girl. In the past, Audrey’s motives have been criticized by fans, which is why many of them felt that she was outdated with her followers and was only trying to make money.

Audrey often tries to increase sales of Young Living products using a pyramid based on essential oils. She recently attended the Young Living Convention, where Audrey was accused of flaunting her wealth by trying to show off her expensive stroller. Obviously, viewers of “Little People and the Big World” don’t really like keeping up with Audrey. Fans don’t mind that the couple isn’t going to return to the show, despite buying a million-dollar farm less than ten minutes from Roloff Farms.