Why Do Fans Think Welcome to Plattville Mic’s “Trying Too Hard”

Mika Plath has won over many “Welcome to Plattville” fans with his personality, but in an Instagram post, some fans complain that he tries too hard. Mika has changed a lot since he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a modeling career, but he is confident that he has returned to his roots, often visiting his extended family. Since Mika became independent, he has become more confident than ever, but some fans think he has gone too far.
In “Welcome to Platteville,” Mika went from spending days in the fields of rural Georgia to becoming a model in one of the largest cities in the United States, and this change happened in a couple of years. He was the link that held his family together, as he is close to his older brother Ethan Plath and sometimes serves as an intermediary between Ethan and his parents. Mika is also close with younger sister Moria Plath and recently helped her through her first breakup with Max Kalschmidt. Despite the difficult upbringing, Mika is often considered the most adaptable child of Plath, as he has adapted quite easily to the outside world.
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Mika is known for his smouldering shirtless photoshoots that “Welcome to Plattville” fans love, but he also has a less serious side, especially when he’s with his siblings. Moriah had already visited Mika in Los Angeles when she needed to get away from all the drama of her relationship. She met his friends and stayed with one of his friends. Mika said that he was, in fact, surfing on the couch in Los Angeles, but his Instagram posts with his younger brother Isaac Plath imply that he is doing well.
When Mika wanted to show Isaac a stylish new city, he rented a Lamborghini Huracan. For reference, these types of cars cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, so it’s safe to assume that the rental also had a hefty price tag. Welcome to Plathville Fans weren’t as impressed with Lamborghini as Isaac, and one day he said, “My God! Please stop trying to impress your little brother! You’re trying too hard to look cool!” Another person said, “Stop bragging. It’s not cool.” Fans have also been rebuffed by Mika’s attitude in the past, saying he may seem condescending towards his siblings (especially Ethan), who is still learning to adjust to city life.
Other fans of “Welcome to Plattville” were glad to see the brothers together again, as they live on opposite sides of the country and rarely see each other. Another commenter said, “You guys are totally going to Hollywood, and I’m here for that.” Mika seems to be thriving in his new environment, as he has gained self-confidence among women and honed his modeling skills. Fans are already calling for “Welcome to Plattville” spin-offs, which tell the story of a pair of Platt siblings living together in Los Angeles.