Why do fans think that people are small, and the big world star Matt prefers Jackson’s grandson


Matt Roloff of “Little People, Big World” is under scrutiny for the fact that he seems to prefer his grandson, Jackson Roloff. Matt built the family farm in the hope that generations of Roloffs would spend time there. Baby Jackson was always interested in the daily chores on the farm, and it warmed Matt’s heart.

After Matt was finally able to buy his ex-wife Amy Roloff’s share of the family farm, fans began to think that he would achieve his goal and be able to sell the rest to his son Zach Roloff. Unfortunately, the negotiations seemed to fail, and Zack and his wife left once and for all. Despite the fact that the patriarch claims that Zach and Jeremy Roloff were not interested in buying the farm, fans always thought it was a plan. Now that the farm is gone, Matt notices that he doesn’t spend much time with his buddy Jackson.

It’s not hard to understand why Matt was so drawn to little Jackson, because he sees the baby much more often than his other grandchildren. Matt and Jackson share the same hobbies, including riding quad bikes, working in a pumpkin patch and daydreaming on a farm. For many seasons, viewers have known that Matt is very attached to Jackson. It could be because he was Roloff’s first grandson.

These two can also get closer because they are both small people. Matt liked to make several ladders for his grandson and teach him to navigate the world. Matt also dedicated his children’s book to Jackson. Although it would be cruel to ignore the other grandchildren, it made sense, since Jackson was always there, helping on the family farm. Up until season 23, everything Matt did seemed to benefit Jackson. Matt always showed emotion when it came to Jackson. The rest of the grandchildren didn’t get a single tear.

No wonder Matt prefers Jackson. Zach and Tori Roloff are the only ones who keep their kids near the farm where they can spend time with Matt. Fans of Little People, Big World are concerned that the tense dynamics of Zach and Matt could lead to Jackson missing time with his grandfather, but most don’t think Matt will allow it. For now, Jackson will remain a beloved grandson, even if he moves an hour down the road to Battlefield, Washington.