Why do fans think that four graduates can return in the 24th season of “Big Brother”


The premiere of the new season of “Big Brother” will take place on Wednesday, July 6, and fans are speculating about what could happen during the 24th edition of the CBS competition. Before the premiere date of the upcoming season was announced, Julie Chen Moonves posted old photos of the actors on her Instagram account, forcing fans to speculate about what this might mean. Some people who love BB have a theory that four graduates may return to the show.

Big Brother fans are always looking for new clues, and they’ve noticed something that Julie is constantly posting on her social media accounts. She added a photo of the actors of the 14th season of BB, as well as a photo from the 18th season. It made fans wonder why she was looking back at past seasons of the show. Even some former guests intervened, commenting on photos of the host from previous seasons. There are some interesting reasons why some fans are expecting the return of four graduates.

There are many avid BB fans who believe that Julie’s posting of all these old photos could mean that four Big Brother graduates could return to the show to compete as coaches, just like it was done for BB14. One fan, lionsbane1764, created a thread on Reddit that said: “So, for the last couple of weeks, Julie has been posting memories of the seasons on Instagram. The first was BB14, and today was BB18 with the caption “What do you remember?” that some people, especially on Twitter, think it might mean that we may have 4 guests back this summer. What do you think? If you think this is going to happen, who would you like to see/think he will come back?”

This topic got many fans talking, saying that they would have liked a season of “second chance” for the guests who were evicted first, while others said they needed a season of “veterans vs. newcomers”, as in the versions of Big Brother for other countries. However, while some fans believe in this theory, others believe that Julie’s post was just a promo for the upcoming season. This won’t be the first time BB viewers get the theory wrong, and only time will tell if this fan theory is true.

The premiere of “Big Brother 24” will take place on Wednesday, July 6, and fans have a little more than a month to reflect on who will be in the cast and what the theme of the upcoming season may be. The cast list is usually published a week in advance, and if this trend continues, fans should expect full cast details by the last week of June. Until then, fans will have to search a little more and wait to see if their assumptions about the cast are correct.