Why do fans Think Pedro from The Family Channel Never Liked Chantel


Pedro Jimeno of The Family Chantel filed for divorce from Chantel Everett, and many fans believe that Pedro never really loved his wife. The couple was first shown in season 4 of The 90-day Groom. Pedro and Chantelle have always had problems in their marriage, but, in particular, the last season of “Family Chantelle” showed how catastrophic the state of their marriage was.

The couple’s divorce involves a lot of confusing details, as well as several very serious accusations. Pedro stated that Chantelle had withdrawn $257,000 from their joint commercial bank account. Chantelle, in turn, accused Pedro of physical and emotional abuse, and the reality TV star said that their marriage was “irretrievably destroyed without hope of reconciliation.” There were many problems behind Pedro and Chantelle’s divorce, and many fans came to the conclusion that their marriage was always doomed, as evidenced by the way he treated his wife throughout their relationship.

A fan, mime454, commented on u/LittleEmmy’s Reddit thread pointing out Pedro’s suspicious divorce filing deadlines, saying, “He [Pedro] seems definitely keen to leave Chantelle and Chantelle’s family as soon as he becomes legally and financially stable. .” A native of the Dominican Republic has recently been engaged in real estate and allegedly earned a lot of money. Because of his career, the timing of his application may confirm fans’ suspicions that Pedro took advantage of the wealth of Chantelle and her family.

Over the years, fans have witnessed Pedro’s indifferent behavior towards Chantelle several times. When Chantelle failed nursing school a few years ago, she seemed upset and needed a lot of support from her husband. Instead of comforting her, Pedro could only think about how Chantelle’s failure in the medical exam would affect him. Then the fans thought that Pedro was selfish and insensitive. Moreover, during the 4th season of “Family Chantelle”, which is currently being broadcast, Pedro mercilessly criticized Chantelle for not doing enough housework. A Reddit user, ryhgfvvb, commented on the issue: “This guy [Pedro] has always made it clear that he doesn’t want to take care of Chantelle and doesn’t want to have a family with her.”

The audience is unanimous that Pedro does not respect his wife at all. Although some fans note that Pedro has not always treated Chantelle the way he has treated her over the past few years. However, most of the fans of The Family Chantel have always seen signs that Pedro used only Chantel, and he made efforts to their relationship only if he needed something from her. Also, given the recent serious allegations, it’s safe to say that Pedro and Chantelle are better off breaking up. After all, Chantelle deserves to be with someone who loves and supports her unconditionally.