Why do fans think Marvin Achi was replaced in “Big Brother 24”


Just hours after the Big Brother 24 cast was revealed, it was announced that Joseph Abdin would replace Marvin Achi as a guest for this season. Marvin is a 28—year-old chemical engineer born in Rivers State, Nigeria, and currently residing in Houston, Texas. He was replaced by Joseph, a 24-year-old lawyer from Lake Worth, Florida. Fans were surprised to learn that changes would be made to the cast, as this year the show revealed its stars much later than usual. While the last-minute cast change was shocking, it’s not unprecedented, especially in the COVID-19 era of Big Brother.

In 2020, the winners of Big Brother Josh Martinez and Casey Clark were supposed to participate in “Big Brother 22,” the second season of “all Stars,” but their positive test results for COVID-19 forced the crew to remove them from the cast just days before the premiere. live settlement. They were replaced by Memphis Garrett and Keisha Smith. In addition, three days before the premiere of “Big Brother 23”, previously announced cast member Christy Valdiserry tested positive for COVID-19, despite the fact that she was vaccinated and followed all the recommendations. She was replaced by Claire Refuss.

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In a tweet, Big Brother announced the cast change without explanation, simply stating: “An important casting update! Marvin will no longer be one of our guests this season of Big Brother. We are pleased to welcome Joseph, a 24-year-old-old lawyer from Lake Worth, Florida, to the cast of #BB24!” Big Brother fans are now speculating that a positive test for COVID-19 could be the reason Marvin was excluded from Big Brother 24. However, since the tweet does not explicitly state this, fans are putting forward other theories. Marvin is a contestant on the 17th season of America’s Got Talent, which is currently airing on NBC. Marvin passed the audition with a unique talent: to make his abs clap, which, as he claims, no one else in the world can do. He received “yes” votes from judges Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell, and although Howie Mandel said “no”, Marvin advanced to the next round. Although it is unclear if he will be performing live, if he does, he will have a contract with NBC for several months, which will make it impossible for him to appear on the Big Brother program on CBS.

Another group of fans wondered if Marvin was replaced on “Big Brother 24” because of politics. On social media, he follows Candice Owens, a controversial black conservative influencer, political commentator and activist. However, many fans believe that this is not a reason for someone to be excluded from the Big Brother lineup, and although they may disagree with his choice regarding who he follows on social media, he has the right to follow anyone. . Many people have rejected this theory because Big Brother encourages respectful conversation with all types of people to promote a better understanding of the world. The show’s producers most likely wouldn’t remove guests just because of their policies.

Although Big Brother has not revealed why Joseph was replaced by Marvin, the America’s Got Talent issue may be the most likely cause. It would be impossible for Marvin to participate in both shows, as he would be isolated in the Big Brother house for at least a week, and possibly much longer, depending on how far he has progressed in the game. Even if he could do both shows, they are on competing networks, so that would also be the reason why he would have to choose one. Marvin’s removal is another example of the fact that with Big Brother, everyone should always “expect the unexpected.”