Why do Fans Think Kim Plath Wants to Appear on 90 Day: The Single Life


The idea that Kim Plath from “Welcome to Plattville” might want to star in “90 Day: The Single Life” is not so far-fetched. Kim and Barry Plath recently announced they were going to file for divorce after a tumultuous fourth season. Now fans are trying to figure out if Kim had an ulterior motive.

“Welcome to Platteville” season 4 began with a bombshell as viewers saw Kim in a whole new light. The mother of nine children said that she went to the gym and lost weight. After she felt more comfortable in her own skin, she chose to wear miniskirts and more makeup. Fans were shocked by the new image, as Kim often preached about modesty. Now that she has a new life ahead of her, fans can’t help but wonder what might be in the future of the star.

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Welcome to Plathville viewers flocked to the Reddit thread created by MODern Woman to discuss Kim’s next possible move. When discussing a recent episode, one person wrote: “Next, Kim Plath for 90 Days Single Life!!” The idea that Kim will take advantage of such an opportunity in reality intrigues fans, as many of them enjoyed watching her blossom into her new identity. TLC often makes crossovers between its popular shows, and it could be a gold mine for ratings if the ambiguous Kim appears in another franchise. The audience has no doubt that Kim will succeed in such a show as “90 Day: The Single Life».

TLC viewers would be interested to see how Kim travels around the unified world. The cameras could film her going on dates and show the reaction of the Plath children. The younger children are unhappy with their mother, especially after they shared that, in their opinion, Kim should leave the family home. Her adventures in the world with dating apps and flirty messages getting into her inbox will be a great series. However, as far as fans know, she may decide to return to Barry.

Although it may take months to develop this idea, and at the moment it is based on fan assumptions, fans of “Welcome to Plattville” support the spin-off concept. Kim seems to be moving quickly away from her 24-year marriage, while Barry is still trying to figure out what went wrong. While it hasn’t been announced whether there will be a new season, fans are hoping to see how the fallout from the breakup will go for Kim and Barry. However, one thing is for sure: Kim doesn’t seem to regret her decision.