Why do fans think Garcel Beauvais can become the “new leader” of RHOBH


Garcelle Beauvais is one of the latest additions to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills over the past few years. Her presence was felt as soon as she appeared on stage in season 10, and since then fans have appreciated her contribution to the show. Some even believe that she is becoming the “new supreme” of the long-running Bravo series.

Garcel joined the cast of RHOBH at the height of her acting career, which began to develop rapidly again. RHOBH is Garcel’s first experience in a reality show, and viewers on the Internet have taken her appearance well. Her first season was full of memorable moments, and while some new housewives of the past chose to take a back seat in their first and even second seasons, Garcel showed the power to prove herself from the very beginning.

When Garcel first joined RHOBH, her relationship with fellow housewife Kyle Richards didn’t start well, and they still haven’t fully improved. Recently, Twitter user IronicallyBravo tweeted a photo of Kyle and Garcel next to each other with the caption: “When a new Supreme rises, the old One disappears.” The two have always struggled to get along, and Garcel is never shy about shadowing Kyle. During the 11th season of RHOBH, when Dorit Kemsley came to her house, she noticed that Garcel had two pet fish. “The black and white goldfish is Dorit, because look at her amazing style,” Garcel said, adding, “A regular goldfish is Kyle.” Another shadow moment was at a Los Angeles Mission charity event in honor of Garcel. The RHOBH star thanked the housewives sitting at the table, calling them “my new best friends, some of them not so much,” while meeting Kyle’s eyes. At the reunion in season 10, after weeks of tension, Kyle accused Garcel of not fulfilling a donation she made to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Naturally, this struck a chord with Garcel.

At the height of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, Garcel and Kyle sat down for lunch, where they talked about race. Garcel detailed an experience at a restaurant where she knew that if she didn’t tip, even though the service was poor, she would still be expected not to tip because of the color of her skin. She linked it to Kyle’s accusations that Garcel doesn’t donate, and they had a heart-to-heart talk about it. Garcel’s ability to teach without scaring, unlike other women, was highly appreciated by RHOBH fans. In addition, fans like that her approach to confrontation is never embellished.

It was also during Garcel’s first season when the RHOBH star wasn’t afraid to call out Lisa Rinna for stealing attention when Erica Jane was cast as Roxy Hart in the Broadway play Chicago; a role Lisa played back in 2007. “I am so glad that Erica will go and do what I loved so much,” Lisa said. Garcel then told the group, “I felt like every time someone mentioned Erica’s Broadway debut, Lisa would step in, saying: “I did it 18 years ago!” spoke of her loyalty as a friend. Garcel’s loyalty was also demonstrated in the 11th season of RHOBH, when the group was dogged by Erica’s legal troubles. She did her best to assure Erica that while women needed answers, they were also looking out for her.

Garcel has shown with her methods of confrontation and her dedication that she may well become the “new supreme” of RHOBH. Fans have noticed her strength and how easy she makes conversation, as well as her uncompromising approach to finding out the truth from someone when she wants it. A strong first season laid the foundation for Garcel’s popularity among fans, and over the years they began to treat her even more.