Why do Fans Think a Claim to Fame Is a “Desperate” Reality Show

Hulu’s new reality show “Claim to Fame” has a unique concept, but fans called it desperate. The show will feature 12 contestants, and the last survivor will receive $100,000. An unusual twist is that the cast consists of people connected to celebrities. Whether they are cousins, sisters or nephews, all actors have some kind of relationship with a well-known household name.
“Claim to Fame” requires actors to keep secret who their celebrity relative is, all the while playing a detective and trying to figure out who the rest of the actors are connected to. The producers of Netflix’s Love is Blind have returned with another series in which the participants interact with each other without knowing who their famous relative is. Producers have moved from dating shows where actors fall in love without seeing their partner’s face to spying on celebrity relatives.
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“Claim to Fame” gives the actors an opportunity to show themselves to the world beyond their famous relative; however, some fans call the show desperate. The reason why many viewers call the series desperate is because of their famous relatives. To some extent, all these contestants lived in the shadow of celebrities, living their lives when they were always asked about. Although “Claim to Fame” is their chance to prove themselves, the show still revolves around their famous family member. The hosts of Claim to Fame are Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers and his younger brother Frankie Jonas. Frankie is especially suited for this job as he is not as famous as his famous brothers. Frankie knows what it’s like to live in the shadow of his older brothers Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas.
As an icebreaker at the premiere of “Claims to Fame”, each participant played two truths and a lie with facts about himself and his famous family member. At the premiere, relatives of some actors are revealed, for example, Amara is the granddaughter of Whoopi Goldberg, and Adria “Louise” is the sister of Simone Biles. The group lives together in a house similar to Big Brother, and they find ways to secretly find out who each person is connected to.
“Claim to Fame” wants to separate the cast from their famous relatives, and yet the whole show revolves around celebrities, adding to the desperation that makes fans sympathize with them. However, viewers still enjoy the fun challenges and exceptions every week that keep fans guessing. If the first elimination from the “Claim to Fame” is any sign that someone was kicked out for violating the rules, the competition is still waiting for a lot of drama.