Why do fans of the 90-day-old Groom Think Ariela is using ex Leandro to torment Biniyama

The 9th season of the series “Bride for 90 Days” riveted fans to the screens, and the returning couple Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre brought drama for many reasons, including due to the constant presence of Ari’s ex-husband, Leandro Foske. As current couples go through a disastrous and drama-filled relationship, fans worry about Biniyam’s jealousy of Leandro and suggest that Ari may be deliberately annoying her partner. The couple faced new challenges after arriving in the US with their son Aviel. Ari’s family has supported them since their arrival, but it seems that Ariela’s ex—partner is an inevitable part of her life in the United States.
Ariela and Biniyam met when she was traveling the world, after she left Leandro for the United States, although she admitted that at that time they didn’t really break up. Ari became pregnant with her and Biniyam’s son Aviel three months after their relationship. She moved to Ethiopia and tried to establish business with Binyam there, which was described in seasons 2 and 3 of The 90-Day Groom: Another Way.
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After having trust issues, the couple decided to apply for a K-1 visa to try to start over in America. Ari met and married Leandro in Argentina when she was 19, brought him to the States and divorced him after ten years of marriage. She claims they became best friends after the breakup, and says they are now completely platonic.
Is Ariela playing with Biniyam’s emotions?
Biniyam’s jealousy about Ariela’s relationship with her ex-husband began in the third season of The Other Way, when Leandro came to visit the couple in Ethiopia, bringing underwear for Ari from America. At some point, Ari told Biniyam that, being pregnant with Avi, she spent the night in Leandro’s apartment. Hearing this, the Biniyam sisters, who were already suspicious of Ari’s intentions, doubted her relationship with Leandro, which only increased Biniyam’s uncertainty. Ari rejected the suspicions of Biniyam and his relatives, saying that they are completely unfounded. She is adamant that Leandro is her best friend and nothing more. Fans believe that she may have intentions that she is hiding, as Ariela has shown her own jealous tendencies. Viewers wonder if she is using her friendship with Leandro to torment Biniyama, so he will be jealous and over-vigilant in their relationship.
Ariela is jealous, as is Biniyam
Ariela’s jealousy manifested itself in several situations, but began to manifest itself to viewers in season 3 of the TV series “The Other Way”, when Ari had to return to the United States for more than a month to have a hernia operation for their son Avi. . Due to his lack of a visa at that time, Biniyam remained in Ethiopia. At this time, Ari began to be incredibly suspicious of Biniyam, believing that he was cheating on her and doing inappropriate things in their shared house, mainly due to rumors spread by Biniyam’s sisters. Her jealousy manifested itself again in season 9 of The 90-day Groom, when she came to the MMA Biniyama gym and found that he was sparring with a female fighter. After these incidents, Ari invited Leandro to lunch with Biniyam. Then she invited him to celebrate the Ethiopian New Year at a restaurant that Biniyam and her whole family visited. At the event, Biniyam’s jealousy of Leandro spilled out when he apparently tried to strangle him by feeding him a large portion of traditional Ethiopian food.
Is Ariela playing a dangerous game?
Viewers believe that Ariela could make sure that Leandro is in close proximity to Biniyam to remind him that she has other options, so he will be grateful for her place in his life. Obviously, she is dealing with her own insecurities and is possibly taking it out on Biniyama, using Leandro to fuel her other half’s jealousy and insecurities. It is clear that this couple of 90-day-old grooms have a lot of work to do to set a successful example for their little son. This work begins with solving mutual trust issues together so that they can move forward in a healthy way. This is important, as it is clear that Leandro is not going anywhere anytime soon.