Why do fans compare Finn Balor to Kanye West?


Kanye West is a man of many merits. West is a well—known fashion designer and businessman, the creator of one of the most successful collections of shoes and clothing Yeezy. Moreover, he is an incredibly successful rapper and producer, inspiring many people around the world. Although his work is widely known in the field of hip-hop, West also influences people beyond design and the music industry.

The Heartless hitmaker is always in the news whether he has an upcoming project. Recently, one of the WWE athletes, Finn Balor, did something unusual during one of his performances at the match, which led to people comparing him to Kanye West. But what did Balor do? Let’s find out.

Finn Balor shocks WWE fans with comparison to Kanye West

Finn Balor is a famous name in the world of wrestling. While Balor has undergone several changes since joining Doomsday, fans were shocked by his latest masked appearance on Extreme Rules for his fight with Edge. He was not accompanied by Doomsday at the match, but fans noticed different masks worn by the wrestler. Balor went to the match wearing a black mask covering his entire face, similar to what Kanye West wears during most of his public appearances.

Despite the simple black design, the Donda Mask is a cult and attractive thing. Balor’s mask was so similar to Donda Kanye’s mask that fans couldn’t help but compare them. Besides the unusual mask on him, Balor also had a darker theme for his appearance.

The video of Balor in a black mask blew up the Internet, as fans called him one of the coolest wrestler’s exits. Some have claimed that the wrestler is dressed as Yeezus Era Kanye. However, some others ridiculed the wrestler, claiming that the young Irish shooter is going through an identity crisis.


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