Why do earthquakes occur upside down? It could mean something big.


Attention! This article contains spoilers for the first volume of season 4 of the TV series “Very Strange Things”.

The first volume of the fourth season of “Very Strange Cases” showed that mysterious earthquakes occur in the “Reverse Side”, and they may hint at a multiverse collision. The first volume of season 4 of the TV series “Very strange Things” has finally revealed the story of the Wrong Side and its connection with a monstrous villain named Vecna. In Very Strange Cases, telekinesis can be used to open gates to infinite worlds, and the barriers between dimensions were first broken down in Hawkins when Eleven engaged in a telekinetic duel in 1979.

Number One has finally returned as Vecna, using his powers to hunt Hawkins’ teenagers. He penetrates their minds from the Other side, teases them with memories of their greatest fears and past regrets, and finally kills them with telekinesis. To their surprise, the Hawkins gang learned that every murder opens a small Gate to the Wrong Side. The plans of Vecna remain a mystery, but it is safe to say that the Gate occupies a central place in them.

Nancy, Eddie, Jonathan and Robin were briefly stuck upside down in the 4th volume of the 1st season of the TV series “Very Strange Things” and, to their surprise, found that it was shaken by earthquakes. In “Very Strange Cases” there were no traces of such tremors, which means that they are probably the result of Vecna’s actions. The most likely explanation is that every Gate he opens leads to dimensional instability, bringing the Underside closer to Hawkins. Unfortunately, it is quite possible that the realities will eventually merge— either with the inverted (which seems to be a pocket dimension) onto Hawkins, or with Hawkins drawn into the inverted. This might explain why the Gate wasn’t used by the Mind Catcher or the forces of the Underside to initiate a new invasion; they are waiting in the wings.

The Duffer brothers claimed that many elements of “Very Strange Things” were planned from the very beginning, and this idea fits pretty well with the notes discussed in the original Bible of “Very Strange Things”. Originally called Montauk, it describes events on a much larger scale than the Netflix series has shown so far. It describes the Wrong, spreading through the city like cancer, manifesting itself in an increasing number of ways. “The electric fields will be destroyed. Strange mushrooms will grow on buildings and people. A thick fog will come from the Atlantic. The temperature will drop sharply. The food will rot. Gravity will fluctuate. ” The inverted has indeed been associated with some of these phenomena for Very strange things, but the whole town of Hawkins has not yet been affected. It’s terrible, but this section of the Bible Very strange cases ends with a simple question: “If people can disappear… can an entire city disappear?”

The story of the first volume of the fourth season of “Very Strange Cases” really tried to involve all the residents of Hawkins in chaos. For the first time, the supernatural events taking place in Hawkins took place in full view, in the presence of witnesses who became public. The city is in a panic and fear, currently targeting its own youth in a moral panic because of Dungeons & Dragons. However, if this theory is true, things will only get worse for Hawkins in volume 4 of season 2 of Very Strange Cases.