Why didn’t Vecna attack Hawkins himself earlier


Warning! SPOILERS for the TV series “Very Strange Things”, season 4, volume 2.

The second volume of the fourth season of “Very Strange Cases” left viewers with many questions, for example, why Vecna did not attack Hawkins earlier. At the end of Season 4, Volume 1, the series revealed that Vecna is number one, who was banished by the Eleven to the Upside Down when she was a young child. In the seven years since that incident, Vecna has been incubating inside the Backside, plotting his revenge to destroy Hawkins.

In the 4th season of “Very Strange Things”, Vecna’s plan to open various gates to the Wrong side around the city of Hawkins was slowly revealed. In order to accomplish her task, Vecna needed four victims, and in the first few episodes of season 4, it became obvious that Max was supposed to be one of them. Thanks in part to the powerful song “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush, Max broke out of Vecna’s grip. However, Vekna’s second attempt to capture her was successful, as a result of which Hawkins literally split into pieces from four points of the gate. Although Eleven was able to tear Vekna away from Max, she did not survive, technically died before the resurrection. In a last-ditch attempt to save her, Eleven put Max in a coma, but she hasn’t come out of it yet.

In season 4 of Very Strange Cases, Volume 2, Vecna and Eleven engaged in an intellectual battle in which Eleven at first looked like winners. However, Vecna wasted no time putting Eleven in her place. He tied Eleven in the Wrong Side, and Vecna, in the manner of a villain from the movie, explained his insidious plan. He told her: “I found a way to realize my potential” through the Mind Catcher. Since Vecna could absorb powers, he absorbed the Mind Flenser to use as a weapon. After some of his attempts to destroy the world failed, Vecna tried to open his doors to Hawkins by creating his own power.

Why did Vecna use Demogorgons and a Mind Eater in Stranger Things 1-3

Before the 4th season of “Very Strange Things”, Vekna used the evil slumbering in the Wrong Side to carry out his orders. Since Eleven had created a gateway to the Underside when she tried to destroy One, Vecna could physically merge with the dark realm. As part of the Underside, Vecna needed Hawkins and the Underside to collapse, as this might be the only way to completely break down the barrier between the two worlds. If he couldn’t physically leave the Wrong Side, Vecna needed to use the Mind Flenser to attack Hawkins. He also needed to find out how strong the Eleven’s strength had become since their last confrontation. With the help of Demogorgons and the Mind Catcher, Vekna began to slowly break down the barriers between the two worlds.

Season 4, volume 2 of “Very Strange Things” was the first time that the Hawkins children lost the Wrong side. The decision of the Duffer brothers to end the season with their defeat was a bold step not only for the universe of “Very Strange Things”, but also for any major TV show with children. The bittersweet ending was hard to swallow, but it answered many of the questions that the first three seasons raised. Vecna may have won this round, but if Eleven has beaten him before, she can do it again.

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