Why didn’t the machines kill Neo when he woke up from the Matrix


Of all the Matrix puzzles, one of the biggest is why the machines don’t attack Neo when he wakes up from the Matrix, but there is an explanation for this in the universe. While “The Matrix” and its sequels can boast of several iconic moments that remain in the memory of viewers to this day, the awakening of Neo from “The Matrix” may be the most visually impressive episode from the first film. It encapsulates a lot of what The Matrix is about, and completely changes the tone and visual effects of the film.

The question “what is the Matrix” was the main motto of the marketing campaign that preceded The Matrix, and generated a certain level of expectations, although no one knew exactly what the film would be about. Viewers all over the world wanted to find the answer to this question, and, in a sense, Neo’s doubts about the world in which he lived reflected this on the screen. The first few minutes of “The Matrix” give a strong feeling that something is wrong, although neither Neo nor the audience can say exactly what it is. The situation changes when Morpheus appears in the film, offering Neo a chance to see what is really on the other side.

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After taking a red pill and undergoing an ominous procedure in which reality seemed to be distorted, Neo wakes up in the real world inside a harvest capsule located in one of the many Harvest Fields — the place where he has lived all his life. Neo’s obvious shock at opening his eyes for the first time did not prevent him from removing the umbilical cords and disconnecting from the Matrix, essentially freeing himself from the machines. Although the sentinel machine did work with Neo as soon as he woke up, it instantly shut down as soon as Neo was completely disconnected from the network. This is because from the point of view of the machine, the Neo capsule was simply defective, and its contents had to be thrown away. In fact, if Morpheus’ ship hadn’t been waiting there, Neo wouldn’t have lived very long.

How Morpheus and Nebuchadnezzar found Neo’s Body

In The Matrix, the red pill Morpheus offers Neo serves as a symbolic visual representation of Neo’s choice to wake up and accept the harsh reality. The blue and red pills are an important part of the aesthetics of The Matrix, and their importance to the story has been transferred to The Matrix: Resurrections. However, the red pill also had a practical purpose—to make sure that Morpheus and Nebuchadnezzar could find Neo among the millions of pods to harvest. The red pill was a tracking program, and it allowed Cypher and Apok to pinpoint exactly where Neo’s real body was. That’s how Nebuchadnezzar managed to get to Neo so quickly after the cars dumped his body. The audience only once saw how the crew of “Nebuchadnezzar” from “The Matrix” woke up a man, Neo, but the process was almost the same for all the other people they saved.

The Matrix can leave viewers with a lot of questions, but most of them can be answered without breaking the rules of this universe. The fact that the machines don’t kill Neo when he wakes up isn’t really a plot hole, since his release from the harvest capsule shouldn’t have meant his demise. However, this time Neo’s escape will be the crash of the machine.


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