Why didn’t Mike pay attention to the fact that Will would cry in a scene from “Stranger Things 4″ 4”


In the penultimate episode of the 4th season of “Stranger Things”, Will Byers pours out his soul, delivering a speech designed to cheer up Mike Wheeler, bringing him to tears, but his personal confusion remains unnoticed by most. The fourth season of “Very Strange Cases” is already in the books, and one of the biggest questions that arose in the process concerned Will’s sexual orientation. Some viewers had speculated for a while that Will might be secretly gay, but Season 4 seemed ready to confirm this by making him the second main LGBTQ+ character in “Very Strange Things” after Robin.

In the end, however, season 4 of “Very Strange Things” refused to have Will explicitly come out as gay, presumably saving this moment for the fifth and final season. However, judging by many scenes with Will, his sexuality is pretty obvious. Will seems to be clearly struggling with his identity, and that makes a lot of sense since he grew up in the 1980s when being openly gay could lead to potential public ostracism.

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During one particularly pivotal scene in episode 4 of season 8 of “Very Strange Things,” Mike and Will are driving in a car driven by Will’s brother, Jonathan. Mike expresses his concern that Eleven won’t need him anymore, to which Will counters with an impassioned speech about all the reasons Mike is wrong. The speech does calm Mike down, but along the way Will begins to cry visibly, to the point that Jonathan, who is involved in his own love triangle with Nancy and Steve, looks back at his brother with concern. However, Mike doesn’t even seem to realize that Will is crying. Although it may seem heartless, at this moment Mike is 100 percent focused on the Eleven, to whom he eventually confesses his love, starting from their first meeting. Mike is deeply concerned about Eleven’s safety at this moment, forcing his brain to focus on nothing else. With that in mind, his lack of reaction to Will’s crying is pretty understandable.

Why Will Cried in Stranger Things 4 Episode 8

There is only one really logical explanation for why Will started crying during an appearance in front of Mike in season 4 of “Very Strange Things”, episode 8, and it seems to Jonathan as clear as to the audience. Will Byers is not only gay, but also in love with his best friend, and the fact that he knows that this love will most likely not be reciprocated in the fifth season of “Very Strange Things” or at any time after it tears him apart from the inside. There was no indication that Mike was bisexual, and even if he was bisexual, he was clearly fully invested in Eleven. Everything Will tells Mike about why Eleven will never stop needing him is just a disguised disclosure of all the reasons why Will will never stop needing Mike in his life.

Unfortunately for Will, Mike probably didn’t even think that his best friend Will might be interested in him romantically, so this thought probably didn’t even cross his mind after Will’s emotional speech— especially since it happened in the 1980s when being gay was a much more sensitive topic to discuss. At best, the scenario involving a time jump in the fifth season of “Very Strange Cases” is that Will will eventually find the courage to reveal who he really is to Mike, Jonathan and the rest of his friends and family, a statement to which they will hopefully respond. with love, support and understanding.

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