Why didn’t astrologers predict the coronavirus pandemic?


The coronavirus took everyone by surprise and no one imagined the consequences that the pandemic would have. Many turned to astrology and questioned why it was not able to predict this momentous event, after all, this discipline assumes that in the stars what could happen in the future is written.

An astrologer spoke about it and said why some of her colleagues were not able to predict the arrival of COVID-19. Abhijita Kulshrestha shared what she believed happened in a Daily Scanner article.

“Yes, many astrologers may have missed the bus and may have had unpleasant interactions with some,” acknowledged the Vedic astrologer and gemologist, which is why she believes that they were all placed under the same label.

However, she leaves that group and justified her argument by stating that those who did not see the great change in the stars have “little or no knowledge” about astrology.

In fact, Kulshrestha presumed that she was one of the astrologers who predicted there would be an “incredible change in our world” in her predictions that she posted on the Gemstoneuniverse website on December 4, 2019, three months before the coronavirus exploded.

“Astrologically, it is called a planetary war situation and it can bring intense and significant results, including global crises,” she wrote in that article, so now she says bluntly “if you don’t call this a prediction, I don’t know what it is in your world! ”

Thus, Kulshrestha states that those who can make mistakes are astrologers, but “astrology is always right.”

However, it recognizes that the word “pandemic” is not literally written in global predictions, but there were those who, and it is included, did predict the possibility of a crisis at the international level.


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