Why didn’t Allison’s Powers stop Reginald in the third season finale of Umbrella Academy


Attention! Contains spoilers for the third season Umbrella Academy.

In the finale of the third season of Netflix’s Umbrella Academy, Allison’s (Emmy Raver-Lampman) power can’t stop Reginald (Colm Fiore) from programming a machine hidden in the Oblivion Hotel. Although Allison can save her fellow umbrellas by hitting Reginald on the head with an axe, it is unclear why he is completely unaffected by the power of her team. However, Reginald’s ambitions are coming true, and the recently defunct Umbrella has a tough road ahead of them as they hope to fight Reginald’s empire in the likely 4th season of the superhero series.

Reginald’s “Oblivion Hotel” plan involves sacrificing his adopted children as batteries to power the universe reboot machine. Despite making a deal with Reginald to reunite her with Raymond (Yusuf Gatewood) and Claire (Coco Asad), her husband and daughter from previous timelines, Allison was not on board killing the rest of the Hargreaves as it was not part of their deal. While Reginald is programming a new universe, Allison uses her power and tells him to “stop”, but to no avail. The umbrellas are released only after she kills Reginald, revealing his alien identity to her.

Allison’s powers didn’t stop Reginald in the Season 3 finale of Umbrella Academy because even though she was getting stronger and could spread rumors without saying: “I’ve heard rumors,” she still has her limitations. Reginald may have resisted Allison’s orders, or perhaps she didn’t report him properly. In any case, Allison’s strength, which is not reliable, significantly weakens the universal ability.

Why Allison’s Powers Still have Limitations at Umbrella Academy

Allison’s powers have grown a lot throughout the series, but she still has a place to move, as seen in season 2 of Umbrella Academy, where she can manipulate reality with words. Despite Allison’s change of power in season 3, her current rumors can still be resisted, which Reginald could do in the finale. Sloan from the Sparrow Academy (Genesis Rodriguez) briefly withstood Allison’s interrogation regarding the location of the Commission’s portfolio, which, according to the Umbrella, they needed to put an end to Kugelblitz. Since Sloan doesn’t know the answer to Allison’s question, she didn’t answer until Allison put more pressure on her, proving that Allison’s powers still have their limitations.

Similarly, while Reginald was programming the Oblivion Hotel machine, Allison was rumored to only have to “stop.” The uncertain nature of her team plays a big role in why Reginald can keep rebooting the universe. And Allison probably didn’t really want Reginald to stop, because even though she saved her siblings, Allison decided to activate Reginald’s universe for her happy ending with Ray and Claire.

After getting everything she wanted, Allison won’t become the next villain in Umbrella Academy, as the Hargreaves will have to navigate Reginald’s new world order. However, since Allison now knows Reginald’s biggest secret, the rest of the Umbrellas and Sparrows will soon find out. Netflix hasn’t renewed Umbrella Academy yet, but a motley family of superheroes is looking forward to season 4.


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