Why did the MCU Undermine Miss Marvel’s Most Famous Power


Episode 2 of “Miss Marvel” has just undermined Kamala Khan’s giant fist ability, which is the most famous strength of a comic book character. In Marvel comics, Ms. Marvel is known for using her stretching abilities to “embig” her fists. Over the years, it has become her calling card.

The Miss Marvel show on Disney+ has already made some significant adjustments to Kamala’s origins and abilities. Instead of making her a non-human with abilities similar to those of Mr. Fantastic, the MCU went in a completely different direction, equipping her with a cosmic device resembling quantum stripes from Marvel comics. With this bracelet, Kamala can create energy constructions of “hard light”, not unlike what a Green Lantern from DC can do. Obviously, this is not the same as stretching, but the nature of this force allows the series to rethink some of the movements of its comic counterpart with the help of its new cosmic energy forces, such as giant fists.

While changing Ms. Marvel’s power shouldn’t stop her from using her most famous ability, the series seems to have taken her off the table for now. In episode 2 of Miss Marvel, Kamala couldn’t handle the size of her massive energy fists and had to stop using them. Apparently, she is too weak physically to use this technique correctly. It’s disappointing that Marvel denies the effectiveness of the ability that is synonymous with her character in the comics, but it’s likely that the MCU just wants to slow her down before turning her into a competent and experienced superhero. Since Marvel established her weakness early in her journey, what she will eventually become will be even more impressive when it happens later in the series or in “Miracles.”

In addition, this approach allows Marvel to show viewers what its current limitations are. If she had the same control over them as the Green Lantern, she would already be a space powerhouse. It’s too early in her story for Ms. Marvel to wield so much power in the MCU. She’s still growing up as a superhero, and it’s going to take time and training for her to achieve that (if she does it at all). It’s possible that the MCU isn’t going to put Ms. Marvel in the same league as Captain Marvel or even Monica Rambo.

Perhaps Ms. Marvel is holding back her greatest strength to give her a huge hero moment in the show’s last episode. It is quite possible that after several weeks of training with Bruno, Kamala, even in the costume of Miss Marvel, will get the opportunity to show how fat she has become, and will unleash one of her cosmic fist attacks on one of the villains of the series. After that, she can use the technique as regularly as a comic book character.