Why Did Sophie Bush Really End Her Police Drama?


Chicago P.D. lost a much loved character within the series such as Erin, played by Sophie Bush. The character was an original cast member and she starred on the show for four seasons. The reason? Some indicate problems with producers.

Although the actress has left the character of Chicago P.D., the end of her character did not end so bad, since Erin, went to work with the FBI in New York. It is that the writers left things open in case at some point the actress returned to the series.

This would make it easier for producers to rewrite episodes of Chicago P.D. if actress Sophie Bush returned, even as a guest. Having an arc where she works a case in Chicago without leaving the FBI.

But perhaps this has been a hard blow to Chicago P.D. fans. leaving the character’s story open on the show for her to come back as they could be false hopes. Many want Erin to finally return, but the reality is that the actress has been struggling to get out of the show.

Actress Sophia Bush, had many reasons why she wanted to leave Chicago P.D .. She herself has described the work environment of the series as very controversial and unhealthy.

“Filming in the cold is very bad for my health, my body was breaking down little by little, because I was very, very sad. They could put me in the position of quietly leaving on my own or they can sue to get me out of the deal. ”

Actress Sophia Bush obviously did not get along with the producers of the series Chicago P.D, she herself was saying that she made a great effort to get out of her contract with the series. So it would be unlikely that she would ever return, which turned out to be a great sadness for all the fans.


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