Why did so many hits not WhatsApp?


Almost every week, we see reports or reports from people close to us about scams on WhatsApp. It seems that every time someone is trapped or the victim of an invasion in the messenger for cell phones.

To understand what happens, we need to talk about the most common scams that involve the app.

Types of scam on WhatsApp

Phishing: with a message sent by a known or unknown contact, personal or commercial, offering an unmissable opportunity. It can be store promotion, job opportunity or even bank doubts. Anything goes for you to click on the link and be directed to a page that pretends to be another, with a field for login, password and other personal data. Thereafter, you can fall victim to various banking scams, unintentional service subscriptions and even identity theft.

Profile cloning: another scam that grew a lot in 2020 and is a little more complex. A contact (known or not) passes a conversation to you and asks you to send them a code received by SMS. This string is actually the activation code for the account on a cell phone, and causes the criminal to log in with your profile and conversations on another device.

Another possibility of profile cloning is to ask for the QR Code to do the procedure via WhatsApp Web. So, impersonating you, he can borrow money by inventing an emergency. And this situation may become even more serious, because soon it will be possible for Brazil to officially receive the WhatsApp payment system, currently under approval by the Central Bank.


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