Why did Reginald really stop Klaus from going to Oblivion


In the third season of Umbrella Academy, another end of the world came, but with a twist, as Reginald eventually reset the timeline, but before that he got rid of Klaus and did not allow him to enter Oblivion with the rest — and here’s why. Umbrella Academy, created by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba, is a series of comic books that have been adapted into a series broadcast exclusively on Netflix, which debuted in 2019 and quickly became one of the most popular on the platform.

Umbrella Academy follows the Hargreaves, seven foster siblings who, along with 36 other children around the world, were born on the same day and at the same time to women who were not pregnant at the beginning of the day. The scientist and billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreaves intended to adopt as many of these children as possible, but adopted only seven, and as they developed superpowers, he trained them and formed the Umbrella Academy. After being separated and having to reunite years later to save the world in the first season, Hargreaves was forced to rebuild their relationship and stop the apocalypse twice more, but in the third season of Umbrella Academy, almost everything died. Hargreaves, and all thanks to Reginald.

In the third season of Umbrella Academy, the titular team and the surviving members of Sparrow Academy joined forces to stop Kugelblitz, who would end the world again, while Reginald had some selfish plans prepared. Reginald seemed to be connected to Klaus as he helped him explore his powers and unleash their full potential, but when it came to entering Oblivion to escape the apocalypse and reset the timeline, Reginald left Klaus for dead.

That Reginald really left Klaus behind

In order to send Umbrellas and Sparrows to Oblivion and thus be able to reset the timeline, Reginald made a deal with Allison and then killed Luther, as he and half of the team decided to stay until the end of the world, and Luther’s death was the trigger for the rest to avenge him. However, Reginald’s betrayals did not end there, because as soon as everyone else fled to Oblivion, he stopped Klaus and left him at the Obsidian Hotel, just at the moment when the end of the world came. Klaus had no choice but to commit suicide, and later joined the others in Oblivion. Reginald ended up using it to step on one of the stars to cause a timeline reset to occur, which raised questions about why he got rid of it if he was still using it in his plan.

When Reginald wouldn’t let Klaus go with them, he told him that he was “more trouble than he was worth”, which could be related to Klaus’ powers and what he could learn through them, for example, Reginald was the one who killed Luther. Among Klaus’ abilities is communication with spirits from the afterlife, so that he could communicate with Luther and find out the truth about his death, thereby disrupting Reginald’s plans. Klaus caught up with them in Oblivion, which ultimately helped Reginald’s plan as it allowed him to save Allison as he already had the seven people he needed to step on the stars and reset the timeline.

Why did Klaus commit suicide after Reginald left him

Reginald taught Klaus to master his self-resurrection power to the point where Klaus was able to rise from the dead in just a few seconds. Now that Reginald has left Klaus behind, when the world has come to an end, Klau’s only solution not to die in the apocalypse was to kill himself before Kugelblitz overtakes him so that he can rise from the dead, as Reginald taught him. However, this leaves the question of how he was able to appear in Oblivion when he came back to life, since his body was captured by Kugelblitz, but when he revived, he appeared in Oblivion. Reginald proved once again in the third season of Umbrella Academy that he cannot be trusted, and he will betray anyone to get what he wants.


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