Why did Mia Khalifa leave the adult film industry?


Mia Khalifa gained great fame with her controversial porn films, yet few know why she left the adult film industry.

Mia Khalifa has been one of the most popular and talented names in the adult film industry. She is a sexy woman and literally dominated the adult industry for herself for a long time.

Her videos and photos garnered an audience of millions and billions and made her extremely popular and desired.

But her fans had the surprise of their lives when she decided to leave the adult entertainment industry in 2018. But the big question fans still ask is why Mia Khalifa left when she was in her prime.

Mia Khalifa and her controversial past

On several occasions, Mia Khalifa has touched on the issue of her decision to leave the adult film industry, however, the most memorable interview where she opened her heart was on a podcast where she said that her low self-esteem was the “engine” that it prompted her to dedicate herself for a short time to that hard work.

“I don’t think that low self-esteem discriminates against anyone. It doesn’t matter if you come from a big family or a not so great background, I struggled my entire childhood with weight and never felt attractive or worthy of male attention, and suddenly in my freshman year in college, I started to lose everything. this weight by making small changes and when I graduated, I was ready to make a bigger difference. ”

Khalifa assured that she felt very conscious of her chest because that was the first thing that disappeared when she lost weight, a situation that forced her to seek validation in men.

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“I lost about 50 pounds and once I did that, I started to attract all this attention from men and I never got used to it, and I felt like unless I held on to it and did what they asked me to do or what was necessary . expected of me, it would go away and after feeling and what was that validation, and you know, “said Mia Khalifa.

The former sportswoman assured that she did not start with a “hey, do you want to come do porn?” It was more of an “Oh, you’re beautiful. Would you like to do some modeling? ” “Oh, you have a great body, I think you should do nude models,” things like that.

“And after I came in and toured the studio, she was very respectful. It was clean. Everyone who worked there was friendly, as if it was nothing dangerous or that didn’t bother me, “he said.


In an attempt to distance himself from his career as a porn star but keep the name, Khalifa’s motto on social media is “respect rebranding.” He gained the sympathy of the TikTok community, starting a petition for BangBros to remove the scenes they were paid for.

Khalifa claims that the company uses the scenes to mislead consumers into believing that it has returned to porn. Whether it’s true or not, most adult companies do a perpetual version of this to every retired pornstar who still has a name to charge for.

There are adult artists who consider Khalifa’s stance harmful in a way that further stigmatizes sex workers, given that Khalifa’s experience was atypical.


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