Why did Marvel confirm the presence of MCU mutants in a series that no one is watching?!


With the finale of “Miss Marvel,” Marvel confirms the existence of mutants in the MCU — only in a series that no one is watching. Miss Marvel introduces the teenage heroine Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), a Pakistani-American fan of the Avengers, especially Captain Marvel (Brie Larson). Contrary to her comic origins, Kamala’s ability to use cosmic energy comes from a magic bracelet passed down by her great-grandmother. When she finally comes to terms with her superhuman abilities, in the last episode of “Miss Marvel” it turns out that Kamala has a mutation gene, and Marvel drives another nail into the coffin of inhumans for KVM. Surprisingly, this big discovery was shown in one of the least watched Marvel shows on Disney+.

During the first five days on Disney+, “Miss Marvel” was watched by approximately 775,000 families in the United States. This number was significantly lower than that of its predecessors: the most popular Disney + Marvel show was “Loki”, which gained 2.5 million views. This is followed by “Falcon”, “Winter Soldier” and “Moon Knight”, each of which has gained 1.8 million views. The disappointing audience of “Miss Marvel” was caused mainly by the strong competition with the “Star Wars” series Obi-Wan Kenobi during its premiere. Nevertheless, despite the fact that Ms. Marvel is in a smaller part of the MCU, she still attracted an interesting audience, mainly consisting of Generation Z viewers of very different backgrounds.

While the imminent arrival of mutants was teased for Phase 4, it was only thanks to the Miss Marvel finale that it was confirmed that mutants are now in the MCU. But why did Marvel confirm this fascinating truth in a series that no one is watching? Perhaps the studio did not expect such a low turnout, especially since “Miss Marvel” was released a month after “Moon Knight”, which was favorably received by critics and viewers. In addition, the head writer of Miss Marvel, Bisha K. Ali, said that Kamala was not planned to be a mutant from the very beginning of the show. It only came to light when they were trying to concretize the heroine’s family identity. Instead of sticking to the fact that Kamala is inhuman, as in the comics, Marvel deviated and rewrote her on–screen origin, making her a mutant. Moreover, Ms. Marvel was supposed to create The Marvels, where Carol Danvers would potentially become the new leader of the franchise, so this was the best place to lay the groundwork for the future of the MCU.

Why did Ms. Marvel Introduce Mutants to the MCU, It Was the Right Choice

In the Marvel universe, mutants are often discriminated against, and ordinary people openly declare their fear, disgust and shame in front of them. Therefore, mutants tend to hide their true abilities in order to avoid persecution and condemnation. When it turned out that Kamala had a mutant gene, she rejected it, calling her classification “just another label.” After all, she had already had to overcome several levels of danger caused by her personality to become Miss Marvel. her community is rallying behind her, Kamala, named the first MCU mutant, probably won’t scare her anymore, although it may do her more harm than she has previously experienced. .

That’s why Marvel’s decision to introduce mutants to the MCU through Ms. Marvel is the right choice. Among other things, “Miss Marvel” is a story about inclusivity. The Disney+ series isn’t just Kamala Khan’s coming—of-age story; it’s also a way to accurately represent South Asian Muslims in the West. A Muslim teenage girl with brown skin who has become a mutant superhero superhero, acting as the headliner of her own TV show, is as rare a phenomenon as it is possible at all. Hopefully, as these stories hit the mainstream media, more shows will be as inclusive and representative as what Ms. Marvel has successfully done during her short existence.

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