Why did Daniel Radcliffe from Harry Potter wear the same outfit every day when he was fighting the paparazzi


Like his Harry Potter counterpart, Daniel Radcliffe has experienced a lot of fame in real life. After he played our beloved boy wizard, he jumped into the theatrical world, where Radcliffe bared everything in Equus. Unfortunately, the jumping fields did not dilute the paparazzi, as they were waiting for him outside of work in the theater to take new photos. Fortunately, the British actor has developed tactics to avoid being bullied from day to day.

Daniel Radcliffe may not have had his own invisibility cloak to hide behind when it came to avoiding a parade of photographers, but he had a clever strategy up his sleeve. On the Kelly Clarkson show, the 33-year-old actor shared why he feels the need to wear the same outfit every day. All this was connected with the flight from the paparazzi outside the theater where he worked. As he put it,

It was three or four months. Because I was in a play in London, and every night there were paparazzi on the street. And I suddenly realized after I was just too lazy and didn’t change clothes for a few days that they weren’t there. And I realized that it’s probably because I’m wearing the same thing, so it all looks like photos of the same day. So I thought: “I’m just going to keep wearing this.” And they never came back, because it all looks like the same picture in front of the same door.

While this may not be the most hygienic thing to do, Radcliffe’s story seems to show that repetitive outfits can be a great way to confuse the paparazzi chasing drama. In an interview, Clarkson remarked that she might even want to steal the idea for herself.

Another brilliant strategy that Daniel Radcliffe shared with Kelly Clarkson was thanks to a friend who gave him a jacket made of a reflective surface. One flash from the photographer and the photo would really make the actor Horns invisible under the brightness! Although the paparazzi may never give up on the desire to create a spectacle out of this young actor, at least he has a few clever tricks that do not include hitting someone’s foot, as Justin Bieber did.

The Harry Potter actor isn’t the only celebrity who knows how to thwart the paparazzi. While in Italy, Aquaman’s Jason Mamoa hid behind the Hells Angels to avoid the paparazzi. Seven-foot dunker Shaquille O’Neal even hid behind trees. Paparazzi can be a scary factor for fame, but as “Panic Room” actress Jodie Foster told Kristen Stewart, eventually the horrors of being in public will pass and the paparazzi won’t get to you.

The Harry Potter star didn’t always have these strategies to deal with fame. Radcliffe had previously said he would switch to alcohol to cope with his notoriety on the big screen. Now he’s moving on to the next stage of his career, he has more freedom, and he seems to like being completely weird with roles. He then plays the parody singer and songwriter Weird Al Yankovic in a new biopic that will be released in theaters soon. I can’t wait to see what projects (and recurring outfits) he’ll take on next.


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