Why did Beth Harmon finish her only past?


In Lady’s Gambit, Beth Harmon has several sexual relationships throughout the series, but in the end, she’s single and better off for it. The story is, in essence, the story of a young woman who discovers who she is and learns to put aside her doubts and mistrust.

Queen’s Gambit ends with Beth (Anya Taylor-Joy) triumphant, having finally mastered chess; introducing a romance as part of that ending would only have served to undermine the feminist themes and central message of the miniseries.

A key part of Beth Harmon in Lady’s Gambit is overcoming her from her own demons. She may be a talented chess player, but lacks self-esteem due to her abandonment issues; this manifests itself in various forms.

Beth Harmon engages in sexual behavior with someone who does not know or understand her. This behavior suggests the young woman’s lack of maturity and self-esteem; Instead of seeking a relationship with someone who treats her with respect.

The moment of the Lady’s Gambit miniseries sees Beth finally belonging to the chess community as an equal member: initially, when she was a young woman, she was cut off from it; then, like a rising prodigy, she was objectified.

When the Ladies’ Gambit ends, Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy) is finally a respected part of the chess community and a prodigy but on her own terms, without needing a partner by her side.


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