Why did Ashley delete the footage of Maeve in the finale of the third season of the TV series “Boys”

Attention! Contains SPOILERS for the third season of “Boys”!
Ashley Barrett deleted revealing footage of Maeve in the season 3 finale of “Boys,” indicating a change in her loyalty. The character of Colby Minphy in “Boys” got a more prominent role in season 3 of “Boys” when Stan Edgar was removed from his position as CEO of Vought. Homelander (Anthony Starr) essentially took control of the Supe power plant, but it was Ashley who was publicly appointed as the new CEO of Vought. Her newfound strength and the fear of losing her meant great loyalty to the Homelander, regardless of what the mad and omnipotent Supe wanted.
The ending of the third season of “Boys” includes many important revelations that will be important for the future of the show, as the series completes certain arcs and teases with new ones. Most of these teasers appear after the completion of the Soldier’s final battle (Jensen Ackles). Although Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) and Queen Maeve (Dominic McElligott) initially fought alongside the original Soup Wout to try to kill Homelander, they both turned when the Boy Soldier presented himself as an even greater threat to those they cared about. This led to Maeve grabbing the Soldier Boy out of the window, leading to their presumed deaths.
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However, season 3 of “Boys” confirms that Maeve and the Soldier Boy survived this encounter. However, one of the most intriguing pieces of the aftermath involves Ashley Barrett. The newly appointed CEO of Vought is shown watching footage of the Boys finding Maeve in an ally. In an unexpected move, Ashley removes the footage of Maeve from Vaught’s archives. Her actions may be partly caused by fear of what the Homelander will do if he sees that Maeve is still alive, but a more likely explanation for Ashley’s decision is that she is rebelling against Homelander and Wout. It’s also possible that she wants to help Maeve live a quiet life without her powers.
What Ashley’s Decision Means for Boys Season 4
Ashley’s decision and new thinking could have serious implications for season 4 of The Boys. This means that Homelander is once again in a position where the CEO of Vought is not listening to him directly. Homelander’s frustration over how Stan Edgar treated him is the reason Victoria Neuman betrayed him, and he suggested that Ashley was too weak or power-hungry to make a similar move. The finale of the third season of “Boys” says the opposite. This may be the result of the fact that the Homelander humiliated her in the finale when he forced Ashley to take off her wig, exposing what little was left of her natural hair.
Will Maeve return in season 4 of “Boys”?
Since Ashley deleted the video evidence that Maeve is still alive, the former member of the “Seven” got a chance to start a new life with Elena. This will naturally raise questions about whether Maeve will return in season 4 of “Boys.” Anyway, it’s not confirmed, but it’s unlikely that Dominic McElligott will return. Since Maeve has no powers of her own, and she has already committed a truly heroic act, her story is over for the Boys.