Why David Caruso Retired after CSI: Miami (Will he return to Vegas?)


That’s why David Caruso left cinema after “C.S.I.: Miami Crime Scene” and whether he could ever appear in “C.S.I.: Crime Scene: Vegas.” Having started his career with small roles in TV shows such as “Hill Street Blues”, Caruso became an active character actor in the 80s. He had supporting roles in 1982’s “First Blood,” where Stallone hardly starred, “Gemini,” and Abel Ferrara’s cult crime thriller “The King of New York.” Caruso’s steely assertiveness was fully manifested when he was selected in the police series “NYPD” for the role of Detective John Kelly. Even among the excellent cast, Caruso was outstanding, but, as you know, the actor allowed the attention and praise he received to hit him in the head.

Because of his ambition to become a movie star and because of his behind-the-scenes behavior that repelled the cast and crew, he was excluded from four episodes of NYPD Blue in the second season. His plans to become a major star also did not work: the erotic thriller “Jade” and the neo-noir “Kiss of Death”, which received solid reviews, both failed. Caruso’s career was in limbo during this period, although he made a big comeback when he signed on to play Horatio Kane in the spin-off CSI: Miami.

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First introduced during a crossover episode with CSI, Caruso quickly made the role of Cain his own. The character was a former bomb squad officer and homicide detective who headed the CSI crime lab in Miami. The show provided Caruso with an unexpected comeback, and he became one of the first memes due to his tendency to abruptly put on sunglasses after an unfortunate pun. The actor continued to appear in every episode of the ten seasons of CSI: Miami, but although the series was incredibly popular during its run, he, in particular, did not receive the series finale. The show was canceled due to falling ratings and increased production costs, and after its end, David Caruso left the game.

Caruso also did not make any retirement announcements, and after “C.S.I.: Miami”, in which the minor character Aids was killed in season 3, ended, he went into the art business and opened a gallery in California. This gallery later closed in the late 2010s, and Caruso is no longer associated with the art world. Considering that Caruso’s time as Kane was quite lucrative, he probably decided to retire due to a bright event in his career and pursue other interests.

Since CSI: Miami didn’t have a proper ending, the latest CSI: Vegas franchise still has room to offer some Kane closure. However, David Caruso looks happy in retirement and out of business, so appearing as a guest or returning to a full-fledged series is doubtful. It should be noted that William Petersen, who plays Gil Grissom in the series, did not appear in either a movie or a TV show for about six years before returning for the first season of Vegas, so Caruso’s return may not be entirely expected. question.