Why Daryl Might be on the Rick Grimes show “The Walking Dead”


Despite the fact that Daryl has already received his spin-off, he can secretly become part of the Rick Grimes show “The Walking Dead”. Initially, Rick was supposed to return in a trilogy of theatrical films for AMC. However, it has since been confirmed that it will return to the small screen instead.

AMC has a spin-off of “The Walking Dead”, which will continue the journey of Rick Grimes, Andrew Lincoln and Michonne Danai Guriria. Apparently, this will be directly related to the story that Michonne’s exit from season 10 teased. After years of speculation that Rick had died in an explosion, Michonne discovered that he was still out there somewhere. Now it seems the franchise is finally ready to explore what happened next. According to the description of the spin-off released at Comic-Con 2022 in San Diego, their new series will tell about their efforts to reunite with each other in the midst of the “war against the living.”

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Although everything that is said about the spin-off emphasizes the relationship between Rick and Michonne, nothing excludes the appearance of other “Walking Dead” characters. In fact, the details about Daryl’s future in the franchise make him a strong candidate for inclusion. Norman Reedus said that although his upcoming spin-off no longer features Carol (Melissa McBride), they will eventually meet again. At SDCC 2022, he stated that the story of his spin-off is a “mission” that Daryl will carry out “in the meantime” while McBride takes a break from planning. For this reason, it seems AMC intends for Daryl to appear in more than just one spin-off. Perhaps he and Carol are planning to appear together with Rick and Michonne in their own series.

How “The Walking Dead” is already preparing the story of Rick and Daryl

Based on how season 11 of “The Walking Dead” is preparing for the massive reveal of Rick Grimes, Daryl crosses paths with Rick, and it really feels like the direction the franchise is slowly taking the character. So far, the show has danced around how Daryl learns the truth from Judith, but at the same time teases her. In addition, Daryl was seen with Rick’s gun in an advertisement for the 11th season of “The Walking Dead”, part 3, which increases the likelihood of a serious conversation with Judith about Rick. When that happens, Daryl can go on a long adventure to find him. His upcoming spin-off could be something that happens between the finale of “The Walking Dead” and Rick’s new show.

Depending on the shooting schedule, Daryl and Rick can share the screen together. After all, AMC’s announcement of Rick’s show never confirmed that the story would end with just six episodes. Since a sequel to the series may well be on the table, Daryl and Carol could appear in a potential second season if there is no place for them in the first season. In any case, it’s unlikely that “The Walking Dead” will end Daryl’s story without some kind of reunion with Rick Grimes.


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