Why CSI: Vegas Season 2 Will Be More like the Original Series


Although there won’t be as many famous faces from the original series in season 2 of CSI: Vegas, the return of the spin-off is already more like CSI than in season 1. It’s always difficult for spin-offs to build on their franchise predecessors without feeling like clones. from earlier, more original shows. For example, the best storyline of the second season of “How I Met Your Father” will be the one that refers to the popular series, but in such series it is difficult to recognize the influence of the original series without directly copying its premise.

The first season of “C.S.I.: Vegas” did a great job of creating new characters, but the shortened run of 10 episodes meant that a lot of screen time was devoted to existing fan favorites Gil Grissom and Sarah Sidle. On the one hand, this meant that CSI:Vegas felt like the original CSI, not a cheap fake. However, this approach may also reduce the appeal of CSI: Vegas as an original show due to its reliance on returning characters.

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Neither Gil nor Sarah will return in the second season of “CSI: Vegas,” but fortunately, the spin-off has found another way to subtly remind viewers of the original CSI. Although Catherine returns in the second season of “C.S.I.: Vegas” performed by Marg Helgenberger, this is not the only element of the original series that will return in triumph. It has already been confirmed that there will be at least 13 episodes in the 2nd season of CSI: Vegas, unlike the short 10-episode season 1. As in the spin-off “How I Met Your Father”, which increased the number of episodes from 10 to the more traditional 22 between seasons. 1 and 2, CSI: Vegas can now use this long period to structure a series more like a classic TV season.

Most seasons of the original CSI series had 18 to 24 episodes, which allowed the series to balance the “villain of the week” episodes with longer arcs following individual characters. With this approach, CSI’s memorable quirky villains could distract viewers from the fact that the season’s overarching plot didn’t necessarily evolve every week. Similarly, some episodes may be focused on preparing for the season finale, and they don’t need to be a particularly exciting separate story.

As in many other TV shows with the best series, in the original series “C.S.I.” the episodes were balanced between parts dedicated to the weekly villain and those that were more related to the history of the season as a whole. In contrast, the first season of “CSI: Vegas” seemed rushed and unfinished due to its short 10-episode run, in which episodes dedicated to individual villains seemed like a waste of time, and protracted plots such as Gil and Sarah’s relationship seemed unfinished. With more episodes, the second season of CSI: Vegas can now make the spinoff look like the original series when it comes to pace.