Why computer graphics of a Female Hulk are harder to make than Hulk’s


There are several explanations for why the computer graphics used on the Hulk Woman in the movie “The Hulk Woman: Sworn Lawyer” are not as effective as on the Hulk. The upcoming MCU Disney+ show presents the Hulk Woman in live action for the first time thanks to a combination of Tatiana Maslany’s performance and computer graphics. This caused some problems with the visuals of the Female Hulk compared to the Hulk.

The trailer introduces Jennifer Walters/Hulk Woman, lawyer and cousin of Bruce Banner/Hulk, to the MCU. Walters works in the “legal department of superhumans”, and Emil Blonsky/The abomination of Tim Roth, who was last seen fighting in a cage with Wong at Shang Chi, seems to be one of her clients. Although the trailer does not reveal how Walters gained her powers (in the comics, she receives a blood transfusion from Bruce Banner after being shot by the mafia), it shows how the Hulk trains Walters to control her powerful alter ego. One part of this training involves a trap straight out of the movie “Saw” with rotating blades. In many shots, both Hulk are together, in all their green glory, but the effects on the Hulk Woman herself have been criticized for looking unconvincing, especially when placed next to her cousin.

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There are several reasons why the Hulk Woman’s computer graphics are harder to get right compared to the Hulk. Firstly, the design of Jennifer Walter’s green alter ego is much more recognizable than Banner’s. This means that he could potentially get into the “sinister valley” for viewers. Sinister Valley is a concept according to which the more a humanoid object, such as a computer character, looks human without being human, the more repulsive it looks. Secondly, the Hulk Woman is a completely new character; therefore, VFX artists have to work from scratch. Hulk Ruffalo has been in the MCU since the 2012 Avengers, so the VFX teams have had a lot of experience working on this character, and they have a lot of reference material that can be used in addition to that. Since Hulk Woman is Tatiana Maslany’s first MCU project, visual effects artists don’t have that luxury with Jennifer Walters.

Jennifer Walters from “The Hulk Woman” must Stay human-like

Although there have been many different versions of the Hulk in the MCU over the years, such as the “Smart Hulk” from Avengers: Finale, they all looked the same. Standing at superhuman height and with shoulders as wide as a house, the Hulk never looked particularly human. For comparison, the Hulk Woman is 6 feet 7 inches tall, which is quite consistent with human capabilities. She looks more like a person with a greenish tinge than the Hulk ever was, and therefore gets into the supernatural valley much easier. Her design is much harder to get right because it’s much more recognizable than the Hulk’s.

While She-Hulk’s design is difficult for visual effects artists, it’s not impossible. The She-Hulk trailer was released a few months before the launch of the series itself on Disney+. Thus, the footage shown in it may not be final, as Marvel tends to continue reshooting and working with computer graphics almost until the release date. The trailer also didn’t reveal a lot of plot elements, it didn’t have Jennifer Walter’s trademark fourth wall breaks from the comics, and maybe it doesn’t quite indicate what the final show has to offer. “The Hulk Woman: Sworn Attorney” has enough time to refine the computer graphics to such an extent that Jennifer’s alter ego Walter will be able to look as good on the screen as Banner.