Why comedian Patton Oswalt was chosen for the role of a catfish-catching father in the movie “I Love My Dad”


In the world of stand-up comedy, Patton Oswalt is a superstar. The many highly acclaimed specials he has written and performed during his career have resulted in five Grammy and Emmy nominations. In his acting career, the Goldbergs and AP Bio star continues to cause laughter. However, from time to time we see a slightly darker side of the comic, and it’s fair to say that his new film, I Love My Dad, falls into this category. So why involve the infamous blockhead in this semi-autobiographical story about suicidal thoughts and childhood traumas? Screenwriter and director James Morosini recently told us about this.

In the film, Patton Oswalt plays a father who, after parting with his troubled teenage son, decides to catch him online as a romantically interested young woman. When asked why Oswalt was the right guy for the role, James Morosini told CinemaBlend the following:

I mean, I’ve been a Patton fan for as long as I can remember. I think he has an incredible ability to bring levity to dark topics. The guy is a comedy genius, but he also has a huge heart. And I knew those qualities would be very important in this character, and, man, he’s just an incredibly generous artist and collaborator. And it was so much fun to make this movie with him.

As Morosini put it, bringing levity to dark plots is one of Patton Oswalt’s specialties. Whether it’s religion, politics, or putting on pants… nothing is out of bounds when it comes to his stand-up stuff. Oswalt also had several personal tragedies in his life that seemed to influence the creative choices he made in recent years, as well as the projects he decided to take on.

It is also worth noting that “I love my Dad” is certainly written with humor and can most accurately be classified as a black comedy. To say that Oswalt doesn’t laugh in the film would be disingenuous, but an equally important aspect of his acting is the sincerity and complex human emotions that he brings to the character.

Patton Oswalt may just be entering the peak of his acting career, as he made his debut in the Marvel cinematic universe at the end of last year. In the post-credits scene in Marvel’s “Eternal”, he appeared as the troll Pip along with Harry Styles as Eros/Starfox. Oswalt also said that viewers can expect “Eternal 2” with Chloe Zhao at the helm, so maybe we’ll see Pip and Eros play a more important role in the sequel. This is not the actor’s first foray into geek roles, as Oswalt was also a fan favorite in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

You can see “I Love My Dad” in some cinemas right now! As for everything else that is on the way to the big screen, you can find out the details from our 2022 movie release schedule.


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