Why Christina’s Stalker Already Had a Memorial in Westworld


Why does Kristina’s stalker already have a plaque in season 4 of Wild West World? Despite Dolores’ apparent death during the battle with Rehoboam, Evan Rachel Wood mysteriously returns as Kristina in season 4 of Wild West World. you’ve already guessed, something strange is going on…

Kristina spent most of her debut episode dodging a persistent stalker named Peter Myers, who firmly believed that her game scripts controlled the population of the city. Kristina wrote a story about a man who lost everything and jumped from a tall building, and Peter is convinced that this story dictated his reality. In the 2nd episode of the 4th season of The Wild West World, Kristina continues to investigate. She visits the Hope Mental Health Center—the hospital to which Peter posthumously donated his money—but finds many more questions than answers.

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By far the biggest curiosity is the plaque inside the now-abandoned Hope Center, which dedicates an entire wing in honor of Peter. Since Christina’s stalker had died just a few days before, this tablet is impossible. What in the name of Robert Ford is going on here?

Is Peter repeating the Westworld cycle?

One possible explanation for the memorial is that Peter is acting out the classic cycle of the Wild West World. All signs point to the fact that Christina’s environment is a kind of Delos Park (or at least not an ordinary human society), which means that everyone around her can follow “loops”. This term describes the cycles that WestWorld hosts will act out ad nauseam, acting as park rides, and Peter’s loop may consist of losing his job, stalking Kristina, and suicide. Then the template is reset and none of the hosts remembers these events.

The strange plaque in Wild West World may be proof that Peter jumped out of that building over and over again, but just as no cowboy has ever remembered the saloon robbery in Wild West World, his death seems new every time Christina witnesses it. As she becomes more inquisitive, visiting the Hope Center may not be part of Kristina’s usual cycle, so the plaque is there (or when) it shouldn’t be. Or perhaps the clue was deliberately left by whoever created this strange version of New York-a step in Christina’s own loop.

Peter from Westworld could have stolen Another Patient’s Identity

Peter, who bequeathed his money to the Hope Mental Health Center, implies that he stayed there at some point earlier, and Kristina finds drawings of the “tower” that he mentioned during his visit to the hospital. So maybe the person who was stalking Kristina wasn’t really Peter Myers. Perhaps, during his stay at the Hope Center, he met another patient — the real Peter and the man from the memorial. The real Peter told his new friend about Kristina and shared wild theories that this video game author controlled his life, but then passed away. When his friend is later discharged from the hospital, he assumes the identity of Peter Myers and begins investigating Christina on behalf of his dead friend.

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This not only solves the problem of the plaque (the real Peter died a few years earlier), but also eliminates a serious discrepancy in his story. In the memorial notes, Peter left behind a “fortune”, but Christina’s stalker talked about being fired, as if her script had ruined him financially. Why is someone who still has such a significant amount of money (enough to dedicate a wing in his honor) in such a desperate situation? Unless, of course, they are two different people.

Is Kristina missing time in season 4 of Wild West World?

When Peter attacks Christina with a blade, she is saved by an invisible hero, whom viewers can probably mistake for Teddy James Marsden. But after Evan Rachel Wood’s character looks away for a moment, the two fighting men strangely disappear. As in the case of the WestWorld host, Kristina could be put on pause, removed from the park while Teddy’s violation was eliminated, and then smoothly returned to the place. If so, how many more times has Kristina been potentially excluded from everyday life? How much time did she collectively miss? What Kristina considers days in season 4 of “Wild West World” can actually be years, which explains why the Hope Center has already erected a monument to Peter Myers. Kristina is a self—proclaimed social recluse, so the only people who should be involved in this ruse are Maya and her boss.