Why Chris Hemsworth Wants to Follow in the Footsteps of Ryan Reynolds and Others and Take a Vacation


Over the past decade, Chris Hemsworth has become a global superstar. Starting with the role of the God of Thunder in many Marvel films and ending with his own series of well-received action films “Evacuation” and “Evacuation 2”, which will be released soon, the actor seems to be on top of the world. However, in a new interview, the “Avengers” star announced his intention to follow in the footsteps of his fellow superhero Ryan Reynolds and take a break. And the reason for the actor’s planned break is a little sad.

In an exclusive interview with Vanity Fair, Chris Hemsworth spoke about the ominous health warning as the reason for his upcoming sabbatical. According to the star, during the filming of the National Geographic Limitless documentary series created by Darren Aronofsky, he was given a blood and DNA test, which showed that he was a carrier of two copies of the APOE4 gene. Studies have linked this gene to an eight- to ten-fold increase in the likelihood that someone will develop Alzheimer’s disease in the future — a sobering prospect that forced the actor to take a vacation. He said:

It really triggered something in me that wanted to get some rest. Now when I finish this tour this week, I’ll go home and I’ll have a good chunk of free time and I’ll just simplify. Be with the children, be with my wife.

Although Hemsworth did not say how long he plans to leave the spotlight, Reynolds’ sabbatical lasted a year and a half. Perhaps we can expect about the same from the star Thor. The “Evacuation” actor said that the health warning was not a complete surprise because his grandfather has Alzheimer’s disease. He continued:

I haven’t seen him for several years, but other members of my family have, and there are days when he is quite joyful and hugs you tightly. But my mom said he was just a very friendly guy. I’m not sure he actually remembers much else, and he starts speaking Dutch every now and then, which is his native language, so he’ll speak Dutch and English, and then a mixture, and then maybe some other new words.

No wonder the actor feels the need to take a vacation to be with his family. Although the star has not been diagnosed, this should be a sobering warning. He still has two genetic markers from both sides of his origin, and his grandfather suffers from this disease, so he is ten times more likely to get it than an ordinary person. She should put the idea of mortality at the forefront and in the spotlight of a movie star.

Fortunately for Chris Hemsworth, he is already in incredible shape, and it is not easy to maintain such a level of physical fitness. However, an early prognosis gives him a rare opportunity to change his lifestyle to prevent the onset of the disease. In the same interview, the actor said that there are preventive measures that he will have to follow for the rest of his life. He continued:

Now I need to work more on this. If you look at the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, the benefit of preventive steps is that they affect the rest of your life. When you have a predisposition to cardiovascular diseases, cancer, whatever, it’s all about sleep management, stress management, nutrition, movement, fitness. It’s all like the same tools that need to be applied consistently.

We wish Chris Hemsworth a relaxing holiday while he spends time with the people closest to him. Moviegoers will most likely not notice the absence of the Spider-Head star, as he will appear in the Netflix movie “Evacuation 2” and the upcoming prequel “Mad Max: Fluffy Road” directed by George Miller “Furiosa”. Until the actor returns after a long break, you can enjoy Hemsworth by streaming all his wonderful films on Disney+ or one of the best action movies of recent years, “Extraction” with a Netflix subscription.


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