Why Chantel family Star Winter Everett went to Mexico for surgery


In the last episode of the 4th season of “Family Chantelle“, Winter Everett traveled to Mexico for bariatric surgery, which led some fans to confusion. The beauty from Atlanta gained more than 300 pounds before she decided to surgically reduce her belly in the extra show “90 Day FiancĂ©”. While Winter could have had surgery covered by health insurance in the United States, many fans of The Family Chantel have discovered other reasons why she probably decided to travel to Mexico for a serious procedure.

Winter traveled to Tijuana, Mexico with her mother Karen Everett and older sister Chantelle Jimeno for bariatric surgery. She said she watched the video on TikTok after breaking up with her longtime boyfriend Jah. This led to her seeing a woman named Barbie for weight loss, who had a bariatric sleeve, and sharing her results online. Inspired by the video to finally have surgery, Winter decided to go to Tijuana for the procedure. Her mother and Chantelle, a registered nurse, decided to accompany her during the fateful procedure during the 4th season of “Family Chantelle”.

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There are two main reasons why an American is likely to travel to Mexico for bariatric surgery, since surgery in Mexico is cheaper and faster. In order for the operation to be covered by health insurance in the United States, Winter would have to wait months to go through this process. However, an operation in Mexico can happen much faster with less planning. Karen explained that Winter had been dreaming about surgery since childhood. However, Winter shared that her longtime and controlling ex-boyfriend Jah was against the operation. Therefore, it is likely that the breakup with Winter prompted her to finally have surgery, while she was also eager to do it as soon as possible.

Winter chose the Bach Hospital and Medical Center in Tijuana for her surgery, as detailed on The Family Chantel. In the United States, there is often a lengthy process of preparation for surgery. Mental health counseling is needed, as well as several months of a special diet and weight loss strategy. On the contrary, the operation in Mexico can be carried out much faster without extensive preparatory work. However, some viewers wonder if the operation is safe without deep preparation. Extreme weight loss can seriously affect a person, which makes counseling very important. Therefore, many viewers hope that Winter will be able to talk to someone about his procedure.

While Winter could have rushed the surgery, “Family Chantelle” star Chantelle said Winter followed her special meal plan before the surgery. Meanwhile, since Chantelle is a nurse, she probably took an active part in the process of preparing Winter for surgery. Chantelle was shown to be very loving and protective when it came to her younger sister. Fortunately, Winter underwent a safe and successful operation. However, many fans of The Family Chantel are interested to know how the operation affected her mental health and sense of identity. These issues are likely to be addressed in the new episodes of the 4th season of “Family Singer” on the TLC channel.