Why “Bond 26” can’t repeat the best twist of “No Time to Die”


While “No Time to Die” was a refreshing departure from the franchise formula for James Bond, there is, unfortunately, an unavoidable reason why “Bond 26” can’t repeat the film’s most unexpected trick. From the film’s shocking finale to Blofeld’s secretly brilliant cameo, “It’s Not Time to Die”┬áIt was a deservedly recognized swan song for the James Bond iteration performed by Daniel Craig. Effectively combining the down-to-earth, dark side of Craig’s earlier films with the mannered humor and over-the-top action of the classic 007 adventures, “No Time to Die” became a much-needed shot in the arm that revived the long-running spy movie franchise.

However, “Bond 26” can’t just replicate everything that worked in Craig’s latest James Bond adventure. The mature, brooding tone of “No Time to Die” would be too dark for a new Bond debut, while its extended duration might be too long for a new version of the sharper first 007 film. Most importantly, the change in perspective that made “No Time to Die” so fresh would not be welcome. in “Bond 26”.

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Just as “Bond 26” can’t be another 007 origin story, the film also can’t ignore Bond in a way in which “No Time to Die” turned out to be surprisingly adept. What was so unusual and attractive about the “No Time to Die” setting was how much the film was centered not around Bond himself, but rather Safin and Madeleine Swann. Everything from the film’s prologue to Bond’s possible self-sacrifice revolved around Madeleine’s story with the villain. This will not work with the new Bond, because viewers need to get used to the new 007 agent, and therefore they cannot invest in the complex backstory of his love interest.

Bond 26 can’t Outshine the New 007 Agent

By the time “It’s Not Time to Die” appeared, fans of the character had spent four films getting to know Bond performed by Craig. This is as much as Brosnan contributed to the franchise, and more than George Lazenby and Timothy Dalton managed, so there was nothing wrong with focusing on someone else for a change in “No Time to Die.” However, just as “Bond 26” can’t bring Paloma back for fear of overshadowing the newest 007 agent, the sequel also can’t focus on Bond’s next love interest, as “No Time to Die” was uniquely tailored for that.

The strange reality of “No Time to Die” was that due to the film’s many delays, the changing tone of blockbuster cinema in general, and the length of time Craig spent in the role, it was a rare James Bond adventure that could afford to give its iconic hero a backseat. Since Craig perceived Bond as a more independent and stern figure, viewers were not devastated to see less attention paid to him and more to his intriguing, mysterious love interest Madeleine. In addition, as in Miles Teller’s film “The Best Shooter: Maverick”, the role became the perfect backdrop for the real star of the film Tom Cruise, the plot of Safin and Madeleine still allowed “No Time to Die” to prepare Agent 007 for his most daring and touching ending. Thus, “It’s Not Time to Die” managed to give the audience a James Bond movie in which the character was the hero and not the center of attention, which Bond 26 will not be able to repeat, since the sequel presents a new version of the spy.