Why Big Brother winner Eddie McGee called the first season “terrible”


When the series “Big Brother” premiered for the first time in July 2000, it was not like what fans see on TV today, and the graduate of the show Eddie McGee did not appreciate the first season of the series. The first issue featured guests living together in a house isolated from the outside world for several months. However, the winner and the one who will be expelled (later changed to “evicted”) were decided by the audience. The season was won by 21-year-old Eddie McGee from Commack, New York. He was recognized as the winner and received the grand prize of $ 500,000.

During the first season, there was no Big Brother competition and no real strategy in the game. Since the viewers at home voted for everything, there was a lot of content left on the air, so the show ran up to six nights a week. However, the audience did not like this format. That’s why the series that fans are enjoying today is no longer the same.

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According to Entertainment Weekly, Eddie has never watched his season or any other BB season. “Endemol was a production company. They came from the Netherlands and did it the same way as in Europe. And my year was the only year that stood apart when the audience had to play God, and not the musicians in the hall. So, I knew that going to the show, I didn’t need the approval of the people in the house,” he said. Despite the fact that Eddie never watched the season after his own, Eddie was still invited back to the first season of Big Brother: All Stars, but he declined the invitation to return. His negative opinion about the first season of the show may be the reason that he did not want to shoot the series again.

The aforementioned article also mentions the fact that despite winning the very first season of BB, Eddie did state that he regretted not being around his family, as his grandmother was diagnosed with cancer when he entered the house, and passed away on the morning of the finale. He expressed regret that he was not with his mother and brother. However, this is the only regret he feels from participating in the series, as he was a small child who had no regrets other than not being around his family when someone in the family was sick. This regret, of course, is very understandable.

Despite the fact that in the first season of the reality show “Big Brother” was not a great success, since then it has become the main event of every summer. Despite the fact that the game is played completely differently than when it first aired, fans are looking forward to new guests and contests that are played out every summer. “Big Brother” has been around for more than 20 years, and, apparently, the series won’t slow down any time soon. Big Brother 24 is only two weeks away from its premiere, and fans are definitely excited about what the show has in store for them this summer.