Why Being Anonymous About a Masked Singer Wasn’t So Strange for Funk Legend George Clinton


A masked singer can irritate celebrities, even if they are used to performing on stage. Past participants mentioned problems with singing in costumes, the inability to see, giving their best, and in general about the strange feelings of going on stage when no one knows who they are. Funk legend George Clinton, of course, shared a similar experience with other celebrities who performed earlier, but said that there was nothing strange for him to go on stage and remain anonymous.

CinemaBlend had the honor of talking to the Parliament-Funkadelic leader and music icon, and I asked him what he thought about going on stage as Gopher after acting as George Clinton for a while. Surprisingly, the singer told me that he felt comfortable in this space, mainly because it corresponded to his many years of touring experience, especially in the midst of the funk of the 70s. According to him:

I mean, I’ve been doing this, as you said, for a long time, and people have always said, “Which one is George Clinton?” so we actually put it on the record. They didn’t know if it was Bootsy [Collins]. I’ve never gone under my own name for so long. It was Dr. Funkenstein or something. I’ve always been in favor of people not knowing who I am. So it was pretty comfortable playing another character.

George Clinton’s musical groups were fully staffed with talented performers, and, as he mentioned, he often performed under a pseudonym. Thus, a quick Google search makes it clear that it is still unclear to people whether Clinton and his bandmate Bootsy Collins are the same person.

All of this suggests that George Clinton felt great playing and hiding his identity when he jumped into the Gopher costume, although he admitted to CinemaBlend that the costume was a little hot. This is a frequent complaint of participants who have to sing from the bottom of their hearts and dance under bright stage lights in full costume. And, as fans can confirm, the musician is not one of those who just stands still during jamming.

Why Being Anonymous On The Masked Singer Wasn't All That Strange For Funk  Legend George Clinton | Cinemablend

George Clinton’s participation in “The Masked Singer” was short, although it’s better not to judge someone’s talents by how long they stayed at the vocalist contest in season 8. A big format change this season has ensured that only one contestant moves into each episode, and this has already led to quite controversial exclusions. Even a cursory glance at those who dropped out of Season 8 proves that Clinton is in good company with some extremely talented singers elsewhere on the list.

The funk singer left after his first episode and was joined by former professional boxer George Foreman. The masked singer has promoted the Bride to the next episode, who will have a chance to reach the semifinals and fight with Harp and Lambs. It will be interesting to see which other celebrities will be exposed, and how they reacted to participating in this wild Fox series.

The Masked Singer airs on Fox on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET, but anyone who needs to catch up can do so with a Hulu subscription. This season is definitely weird because of the format changes, but I’m definitely interested in seeing who will eventually take home the trophy after this wild season.


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