Why Ash vs the Sinister Dead Season 4 Won’t Be Released


“Ash vs. the Sinister Dead” was canceled before the fourth season. The sequel to “The Sinister Dead” gave viewers a glimpse into the later life of horror icon Ash Williams, who, as you know, was played by Bruce Campbell. By turning the franchise into a television series, the creators were able to expand the mythology of the “Sinister Dead” for three seasons.

Campbell and the creator of the series “The Sinister Dead” Sam Raimi did not hesitate to take the opportunity to bring Ash Williams back. This time they built up the comedic side along with enough blood and unjustified gore. “Ash vs the Sinister Dead,” which aired on Starz from October 2015 to April 2018, perfectly showed Ash in a new light, especially with his new loyal assistants Pablo (Ray Santiago)¬†and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo).

Each season of “Ash vs the Sinister Dead” presented a new level of danger. As the stakes grew, so did Ash’s responsibilities. Ash had to face not only the fact that he is the father of a newly discovered teenage daughter, Brandy (Ariel Carver O’Neill), but also a more than typical threat from the dead. The fate of the universe was in Ash’s hands because of the threat of Kandar the Destroyer, a sixty-foot demon. In the final battle of the third season of Ash against the Sinister Dead, Ash seemed to sacrifice himself to save the world, but it turned out that he was saved by an unknown group. When he woke up, years passed, but before viewers could get answers, “Ash vs the Sinister Dead” was canceled.

How the series “Against the sinister Dead” was closed after the third season

Before the premiere of the third season of the series “Ash vs the Sinister Dead”, previously released seasons were broadcast on Netflix. They enjoyed success with subscribers, and the actors and crew hoped that this would have a positive impact on the new season. Unfortunately, in the third season there was a steady decline in the number of viewers during live broadcasts. Starz didn’t want to depend on the influence of Netflix, so they officially canceled the show “Ash vs the Sinister Dead”, despite the exciting finale.

The cast rallied for the fourth season and spoke frankly about the future of the show. After the news of the cancellation, die-hard Ash fans against the Sinister Dead created a #BringBackBoomstick campaign on social media, hinting at Ash’s weapon, which he called his “arrow”. Viewers had hoped that another network, or perhaps Netflix, would be able to take on the role of Ash against the Sinister Dead to give the series a proper ending, but the cancellation was deemed final.

The creators shared what season 4 of the series “Ash vs the Sinister Dead” would look like if the show was renewed. Raimi and Campbell were developing a storyline that was compared to “Mad Max”. This was supposed to happen in the future, as hinted in the series finale of Ash vs the Sinister Dead, focusing on Ash as he explored a post-apocalyptic world when he supposedly reunited with Pablo, Kelly and Brandy from Ash vs the Sinister Dead. After the cancellation, Campbell stated that he had officially turned down the role of Ash.

The new film “The Sinister Dead” will be released in 2022

Although there won’t be a 4th season of Ash vs. the Sinister Dead, that doesn’t mean the Sinister Dead franchise is dead and gone. In 2022, HBO Max will host Evil Dead Rise, a new chapter in the surprisingly large book “The Sinister Dead.” Original creator Sam Raimi and star Bruce Campbell are serving as executive producers of “The Sinister Dead: Rise,” and Irish director Lee Cronin will be the writer and director. True to his past statements, Campbell won’t be playing Ash in the new film, which focuses on a pair of sisters who don’t seem to be related to any previous characters in the Sinister Dead franchise.

The sequel to the legacy of Evil Dead Rise is due to be released on October 7, 2022. The premise of the film, based on what has been revealed so far, will show how two sisters, Ellie and Beth, discover a mysterious and sinister book in Ellie’s apartment building in Los Angeles. and fight the carnivorous demonic horrors that followed. They will be played by Australian actresses Alyssa Sutherland and Lily Sullivan, respectively, and the main cast will be supplemented by Gabrielle Echols, Morgan Davis, Nell Fisher and Mia Challis. Although Bruce Campbell’s Ash will not appear in the new “Sinister Dead” movie, the fact that he and Raimi are both involved as producers means that “Sinister Dead: Rise” should be a solid sequel to the franchise, even after “Ash vs. the Sinister Dead” was canceled.


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