Why are “Welcome to Plattville” Fans Worried about Platt’s Younger Kids


Kim and Barry Plath didn’t always make the best decisions when it came to their kids in “Welcome to Plathville.” They received a lot of criticism for the way they raised their older children and the impact their choices had. Unfortunately, younger children also struggle and face problems.

The audience was happy to see how the older children were able to break out and start living away from strict parental rules and toxic borders. Since “Welcome to Platteville” focused on how they transition and adjust to life in the real world, not much attention was paid to their younger siblings. Now everything is changing in the Plath family home, as Kim and Barry’s marriage is collapsing.

Education has never been a top priority for parents, and unfortunately their children are reaping the benefits of it. Mika and Moria Plath sat down and expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that they had not received an official education. Despite the fact that the children from “Welcome to Platteville” were homeschooled, they did not receive their diplomas, and they will need to get a GED if they want to go to college or even work in a certain job. Kim and Barry listened to what they had to say, and this is a mistake they would like to avoid with younger children. However, it does not seem that anything is changing for the better in this regard, and many fans are worried about the younger children of the Boards. A thread on Reddit was devoted to this discussion, as fans felt that the education of a younger child or his absence was the most harmful factor.

Before Kim began her journey to find herself and began devoting most of her time to her dance studio, her main focus was on home schooling children. Now that Kim is out the door, Lydia Plath is in charge of lesson plans and teaching her younger siblings. Reddit user Gullible-Sort9161 started the topic by saying: “Why doesn’t anyone care that Isaac works 40 hours a week and the girls do whatever they want until they spend an hour at school with Lydia for lunch? Wake up, Barry!!! The lack of time to prepare them for higher education and employment shocks fans of “Welcome to Plattville”. The pace at which they learn and the material they are taught is incredibly frustrating, as fans fear that they will lag far behind their peers. Early-Ad-6014 wrote in the same thread: “I believe that their home school is in a neglected state. It’s horrible. However, Kim and Barry didn’t care. I can’t look at these two!”

Some concerned fans of “Welcome to Plattville” believe that child protective services should step in, as it seems that Isaac, Amber, Cassia and Mercy Plath are not regulating their education and well-being. Many fans are disappointed by Barry’s ignorance and his inability to take initiative with his children. Many viewers are wondering why Kim and Barry are not enrolling their children in public school, as they now seem to be busy with their own lives. The discussion continued with geometric shape comments: “I want to remind everyone that Barry has a master’s degree. Find the key, Barry, send these kids to a REAL school right now.”

Although it seems that Kim and Barry are not so strict now, they are clearly too relaxed when it comes to the future of their younger children. Since things are changing so fast in the new season of “Welcome to Platteville,” many are hoping that Kim and Barry will step up and be more involved. Despite the fact that Kim’s teachings and lessons may not have been the best, they were still more than what younger children get.