Why are the Products Sold at Airports Expensive?


All kinds of products sold at airports are much more expensive than the prices you are used to. There are many logical reasons for this situation to occur, but some of the reasons are unpleasant.

In order not to miss the flight, you usually have a lot of free time at the airports where you go early with the thought of “just in case”. In order not to spend this time boring, you may find that even a souvenir is as expensive as a plane ticket while visiting the shops.

Even if you manage to control yourself and not buy that product, the tempting smell of capitalism continues to call you. The slogan “The fire is calling you” will make your mouth water, but when you look at the prices on the menu, you realize that that fire is also preparing to burn your pockets.

When you buy a hamburger for 150 liras and a water for 20 liras, the rumbling in your stomach stops, but this time the rumblings in your head start: Was it worth the money, wouldn’t I buy much better things outside with that, why are airports so expensive? Let’s clear your curiosity about this…

Why are the products sold at the airport expensive?

Supply-demand issue
Lack of alternatives and low competition
High rent and expenses
Limited spaces
transportation cost
Prices for tourists
Build-operate-transfer method