Why are the meatless menus in Lyon canteens divided?

The decision of the mayor of Lyon does not seem to be unanimous. Yep, he decided to offer meatless meals on the school menu.

So this is a measure that divides Lyon… The mayor recently decided on meatless meals in school canteens. Of course, not everyone hears it that way. Starting with some farmers who have decided to strongly oppose this. So why is this a problem?

As soon as it comes to talking about food at school, everyone goes out of their way. For several years now, some town halls have been offering vegetarian or even vegan menus.

For decades, this type of menu has not had a good press. What is often questioned: the lack of protein, considered essential on our plate.

However, the sources of protein are not only found in animal products, on the contrary. Many vegetables and legumes contain it.

It is therefore not incongruous that town halls, like that of Lyon, are offering alternatives to limit the consumption of meat at school. All the more so with all the scandals surrounding this one.

For their part, the farmers’ unions have decided to fight back and not let it go. Among them, the FDSEA and the JA du Rhône, who called for demonstrations on Monday, February 22.

In Lyon, farmers therefore wanted to demonstrate by setting up a mini-farm just in front of the Town Hall. To top it off, they offered a meat tasting.

School: why are the meatless menus in Lyon canteens divided?


The main argument against meatless menus in schools: not giving choices to students who do not have access to meat at home. However, these menus would first respond to a health agenda.

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The idea is to allow students to have a menu for everyone. All the more so in this time of Covid-19 when everyone must be at a certain distance.

Not so easy to manage, knowing that the menus often differ from child to child. To satisfy all diets, a vegetarian menu – or pescetarian at least, since meat is replaced by fish – therefore remains the most suitable idea.

An argument that of course does not appeal to the farmers, who believe that this is just a pretext. “Do not be fooled,” even said a farmer quoted by Le Figaro.

“The health protocol argument is a pretext behind which they are hiding to implement their election promise of a vegetarian menu.” Like what, this measure divides.

Either way, the controversy seems to be reacting and some believe that it will be necessary to transition anyway. That said, eating meals without meat doesn’t mean kids will be unhealthy.

Indeed, meat is not what makes the bed of health. However, these meals offer fish, which is not the answer either.

“Replacing meat with fish is ecological nonsense,” one Twitter user remarked. “We are plundering the ocean.”

The meatless menu will therefore have to prove itself. However, offering an offer without fish may be much more complicated to convince the Lyonnais. To be continued …



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