Why are tattoos frowned upon in South Korea?


It will be myth or reality that tattoos are frowned upon in South Korea, is it illegal to tattoo in that place? Find out below.

Historically, tattoos are considered as marks that warriors made to tell their adventures, feats or to intimidate enemies, little by little and over time, tattoos became an art that seeks to express itself through various designs embodied in ink on the bodies.

Many cultures have a very strong rejection of tattoos, this is due to different causes and factors that have to do with their history. Before, in South Korea the people who got tattoos were gangsters or people who were engaged in illegal businesses, they used it as codes to communicate with each other, leaving a stigma on tattoos.

It is also due to religion, Korea is a mostly Confusionist country, which considers body modifications as a lack of respect for your body, which is your sanctuary and for your whole family.

Korean society has evolved, but it still has a very traditional, ceremonial and conservative dynamic; For many Koreans, they think that tattoos are directly linked to street gangs or thugs, creating a stereotype in the people who carry them.

Are tattoos illegal in Korea?

Having tattoos is not illegal in South Korea, but tattooing is.

In Korea it is essential to have a license to make tattoos, it is one of the few countries in the world where by law only health professionals can carry out this practice, although there are many people who are dedicated to illegally tattooing people .

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These types of establishments make their clients sign a contract not to file charges if the results of their tattoo are not what they expected, if they have an infection due to the ink or the products used for the procedure.

Many tattoo artists are fighting for the legalization of tattoo parlors and younger generations tend to be more accepting of people with tattoos, so little by little society is opening up about its perspective of people who have tattoos. Maybe in the future, tattoo lovers can get a tattoo, they are no taboo or fear about what society thinks.

Why do idols have tattoos?

K-pop idols can have tattoos, in the end they are Korean citizens, but in their appearances on television or in other media they usually cover their tattoos with some bandages, or in the edition to avoid conflicts and some controversies.

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