Why are So Many RuPaul Drag Racing Queens Struggling with Sewing Problems


There are several main tasks in RuPaul’s Drag Race, but the one that always causes at least one queen to stumble in every season is the sewing task. In each season of RPDR, also known as the fashion contest, including the spin-off RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, participants must create beautiful catwalk outfits from certain fabrics or unconventional materials. Despite the fact that the difficult task of creating interesting images from scratch over time has led to the creation of some beautiful designs (for example, the creation of the sleeping bag of Utica in the 13th season of RPDR), not everyone has achieved the same success.

In fact, queens are more likely to struggle with design issues than to succeed, especially when it comes to sewing. Regardless of whether the queen knows how to operate a sewing machine, or she doesn’t know how to sew at all, there are images in the series that fans note for all the wrong reasons. The orange image of Princess Aya Labeya from the 9th season of RPDR is an outfit that she wore, for example, when she read the memorable book “Valentine”. Kelly Mantle’s soft design in the 6th season of RPDR was instantly compared to bacon, while the sponge dress of the future winner of Monét X Change in the 10th season of RPDR was unsuccessful in execution, but received an A for originality. In the last design competition, which took place in the 7th season of RPDR All Stars, even the winner of the 5th season, Jinx Monsoon, suffered a small failure due to her lack of sewing experience.

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The design challenge appears in every RPDR season, so why are so many queens struggling to successfully complete the task? As briefly mentioned, one of the main reasons is that despite being familiar with the core RPDR products (such as Snatch Game and Rusical Challenges), many queens either don’t know how to sew or don’t learn the basics of designing before going to the movies. Although there are some RPDR winners and fan favorites who have gone far despite not knowing how to use a sewing machine (for example, Sharon Needles, Adore Delano, BenDeLaCrem and Alyssa Edwards), there were others who simply collapsed under pressure.

Although it is quite difficult for many queens to create an outfit from scratch, the task is even more difficult due to their limited time. Although the new season of RPDR has been airing for several months, The Tab reports that filming only takes four weeks. With about a dozen episodes in a season, this means that one “week” (and the corresponding main task) is actually completed in about two days. In addition, Insider reports that the RPDR participants have only 90 minutes to get into full force before getting on the main stage. In between filming confessions, installing microphones by the film crew and (hopefully) well-deserved breaks, the queens barely have enough time to create a great design out of nothing.

With so much pressure on the queens who compete in RPDR, it’s no surprise that some contestants like Jiggly Caliente and Lashawn Beyond from Season 4 are quick to argue, especially when it comes to criticizing others’ choices. While the sewing design task is one of the most challenging tasks of every season, the “nothing to something” task has no plans to move anywhere. The future participants of RuPaul’s Drag Race, since the 15th season has already been confirmed, fortunately, have a lot of time to prepare until they find themselves next to the provided sewing machine.