Why are scorpions so intense? Detail


One of the most intense signs of the Zodiac is undoubtedly Scorpio, who with that mixture of magnetism, enigmatic and sexy personality, makes him an interesting person.

It is ruled by two planets: Pluto (which is related to transformation and death) and Mars (planet of aggression and sex). That explains why a Scorpio is so intense and can be very vindictive, as he is spiteful and does not forget.

It is a sign that does not open easily and when it does, it does not forgive betrayal, and it will thirst for revenge.

According to the specialized site horocope.com, Scorpios are not bad, but direct, which can be taken by the other zodiac signs as someone bad, but their nature is to be clear and direct.

Why is it so intense?

People born under the sign of Scorpio do not like superficial conversations, they like to go further, but for that they must earn their trust. They are very direct and more when something does not seem to them.

And being ruled by Pluto, a planet that governs transformation, psychology, destruction, death, and rebirth, their personality is usually tough, which at the same time makes it enigmatic and attractive.

It is almost impossible to escape the attractiveness that a Scorpio usually is, since he goes with everything, with him not half measures. For something it is one of the most passionate signs of the Zodiac.


On his dark side are jealousy, manipulation, obsession and power struggles. His passionate nature makes him give up everything, but pulls his stinger out if threatened.

They are leaders by nature, they love their gift of authority and power. They set goals and do not rest until they reach them.

It is a sign ruled by Mars, the planet of anger, sex, aggression and war, in addition to bringing out animal nature. This is why a Scorpio acts with drive and determination. Even bringing out his darker side, but he can transform into a phoenix.

The revenge

And if that weren’t enough, for a Scorpio, betrayal and lies are not in their vocabulary. He is dedicated, he usually establishes deep bonds with the people who really earned his trust, be it lover, friend, family or co-worker.

He can be delivered body and soul, but his dark side comes out when he feels betrayed, and revenge arises, for him friendships are important and loyalty.

Although his temperament is strong, a Scorpio feels misunderstood and everything because he is not so open, but he does like people to be. Little by little he shows his feelings. So the people who treat you are not usually open in the first few conversations.

This is how Scorpios are, so take these data into account for when you treat a person with this zodiac sign, you will not be surprised.


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